Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Mac Lipsticks

So I happen to be a huge fan of lip colour, and especially lipsticks. I can not physically live without a bit of colour on the good old lips.

Now some people (most beauty fashionistas) tend to support their lips in a hot colour of the season such as bright in the summer and dark in winter. I am a fan of all sorts of colours but I tend to match my lip colour to my mood.

Right this minute I was feeling in a 'Russian Red' mood by Mac and decided to up my lips to a blood sucking red. All this watching Vampire Diaries and True Blood has honestly turned me into a wannabe vampire. SO here I am supporting my firing hot lips if you have any questions then do not be afraid to ask, enjoy;

So these lips were instagramed, and im not so good at applying my lipstick in the dark.

Im not naked! Its a strapless shirt!