Saturday, 29 December 2012

Hair Envy!

The green eyed monster has made an appearance in my life again, looking through some photos in a magazine of Shenae Grimes (Annie out of 90210) has so made me want to change my hair yet again. Seen as though this year isn't over just yet I think im going to treat  myself to a hair makeover, over the years I have been numerous hair colours anything from pink to purple, to blonde, to ginger to black to blue. Outrageous damage, although my hair is now at a medium dark brown im still never satisfied so I think im going to keep experimenting and try out this new look, inspired by Shenae...

Would appreciate any advice people have about low light ombreing before I go see my hairdresser.

Many thanks


Friday, 28 December 2012

December favourites!

I've been spending money yet again on beauty products sillllly me! The bank won't thank me!
Anyway lately I've been trying to keep my hair In a good condition, I don't suffer with bad hair just sometimes the weather can dry it out and make it a bit brittle and snappy almost, and considering I'm trying to grow it, it's not good that it snaps off.
So I was told to try the new Schwarzkopf hair-repair liquid silk express-repair-conditioner, this contains liquid keratin and is especially for dry and brittle hair. It's a stay in conditioner and you spray it and leave it on towel dried hair. I had low expectations for this product as conditioners normally turn your hair greasy with the build up of products however this one doesn't! It's so great I've used it about 6 times on different washes and haven't had a problem yet, can see its strengthens my hair and gives it a super shine 10/10 from me! Also bargain on sale at superdrug for £1.99 RRP £7.99.

The next hair product I'm completely in love with is the superdrugs own chocolate brownie dry-shampoo. My hairs a dark brown and I normally find that dry shampoo gives it a grey effect like talc powder in my hair but this product is so good it blends in with my hair colour and refreshes it between washes such a life saver.

My next favourites are lip products and are my winter faves! The first one is a well needed pot of Carmex. Carmex is an all time lip saviour all year round, but especially in the winter when the weather dries out your lips, it soothes my lips and relieves any dry skin or blemishes on my lips. I love Carmex especially the cherry flavour, smells soooo good!

The second lip product I love was actually a christmas gift from Marc :) and it is the mac satin lipstick in the colour rebel. I love this lipstick and have wanted it since October but wherever I've been to purchase it, it has always been sold out so safe to say I was ecstatic when I opened it on Christmas Day. Such a dark purple colour but with hints of pink on the lip, looks so good especially with dark hair! This product is another which receives 10 Sophie points.

The final lip product I have been lurvin' is the Revlon just bitten kissable balm stain in the shade 005 Crush Beguin it's a dark plummy colour with a warm pink tone and looks sensational on the lips I actually do love this product so much, I love the balm stains and have 2 of the other colours, but find that this shade is perfect for winter. As well as smelling so good this only cost me £3 in boots! Was reduced down to £5 and then used a boots coupon, so cheap so good.

My final products are sort of combined, the first is a perfume I received off my mum late this summer for my birthday and is the DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom, and smells so sweet a scent which I love, she bought me a 50ml apple and its only just a quarter of the way through, one squirt does me all day and the scent lingers I love this, and have already purchased another one from the be delicious range in the green apple! The other thing related to my perfume is that because its a huge apple it's rather annoying to lumber it around everywhere and therefore my mum knows how much a pain this is and introduced me to a perfume travel atomiser, which is no bigger than a lipstick and fills up perfume squirt bottles into the atomiser, this is so great and I've currently stored Lola by Marc Jacobs in the traveler. The only downside is that the apple doesn't have a squirt dispenser and therefore can't be transported into the travel size argh well.

Well they are my December favourites and I hope you've enjoyed :)

Love sophie


Christmas Day outfit :)

Hello snowflakes :) I'd like to apologise that I have rarely been blogging over the festive period however I have been really busy with family ventures and things and therefore I have the time today to do a couple of posts. The first post is my Christmas Day outfit :) on Christmas we go out to see family and therefore it's nice to dress up rather than wear clothes I would wear if I was staying in so I wore as seen below a red skater girl skirt from NewLook RRP £19.99 a black vest with attached collar with gold studs from River Island, I think this top was round about £20 I also wore a black studded waist belt which was again from NewLook and I think was just under £10.

Marc & me Christmas Day <3

I decided to wear a simple pair of black flat shoes with gold studs and these again were from new look and cost £17.99 there so super comfy, I wore a pair of 80denier tights from Asda and I'm not too sure how much these were. When we went out I just wore my lack leather jacket which I wear all the time :)
Going out :)

Hope you enjoy
Love sophie

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Week #2 photos



Face shot|


Reindoggy max|

Soap & Glory best of all|

TGI fridays|
Christmas nails|

Christmas Tree and Presents|

Sophies Beauty Room|


Friday, 21 December 2012

Christmas Nails :D

Hello again my little snowflakes :)

I decided to treat my nails and get them done in time for Christmas, so I took a trip to my mums dear friend and Beautican Mo. Now I love the way mo styles my nails and would trust her with my life, so i let her loose to do whatever she wanted as long as they had a Christmassy feel and I love them, there so me and so pretty. For anybody whose wondering they cost £20 which I think is really cheap and she does such a good job. The picture doesn't show the true effect of the accent nail but its a bright reddy pink with multi glitter chunks. So here they are;

Love sophie

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Soap and Glory the best of all! £27 bargain!!

Hello snowflakes :) as I'm sure your aware in the beauty department last weeks boots put the Soap and Glory the best of all goody bag on sale for £27 reduced from £60! It was an absolute bargain and safe to say it sold out within hours and I was one of the lucky ones to get mine! So boots messed about with my order and I only managed to pick it up today, wasn't a very happy customer but it made me happy the product itself. So much love to give!

For those of you who were unaware about the offer you get 9 Soap and Glory products as well as a free case to store them in for £27, the total RRP of all the products is £70+ and therefore it was a complete bargain saving yourself over £40!!! And if your a big soap and glory fan like me well then it was well worth the purchase.

1. Smoothie star, deep moisture body milk 500ml pump bottle which contains almonds, cocoa, yogurt, oats & honey and smells very differently to the signature soap and glory smell but smells so good can not wait to start using this after I've finished off my other moisturiser product. RRP £10

2. Clean on me, shower gel 500ml pump bottle mainly mandarin peel, this shower gel smells so good and feels Devine on the skin. It has a built in body lotion helping to maintain smoothness and the smell in your skin for longer after use in the shower. RRP £5.50 so not too dear but still a luxurious product.

3. Sugar crush, body scrub 300ml, I already have this product and have nearly used my first tub. I love this it smells so good contains brown sugar and rubs well on the skin, leaving a finish that is significantly smoother and noticeable. Reviewed this product a couple of weeks ago if anybody is interested then check out that post here:Sugar Crush body scrub
RRP £8

4. The Righteous Butter, body butter containing Shea butter & aloe Vera 300ml and is the classic soap and glory smell. It's so consistent on the skin dead soft and leaves the smell for a long time. I tested it on my hand around about 2pm and the smell is still strong now! At 11pm.. Definitely a great product. RRP £10.50

5. Heel genius, foot cream 125ml macadamia oil, menthol, bilberry, orange & lemon fruit acid smothers. I'm not a huge foot cream fan, although this one does have good reviews I am willing to give it a try, the menthol smell is so strong but smells so good, if the foot cream isn't to my taste then I'm sure my mum will find a way to put this to good use so all in all a good purchase. RRP £5.50

6. Hand food 125ml, hand lotion containing Shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow ingredients. I've used the smaller version of this product and keep it in my bag all the time, it smells Devine I love this and it always soothes my hands making them feel soft and smooth. Love love love. RRP £5

7. Peaches & Clean, 200ml 4 in 1 deep cleansing milk including peach extracts, quilloua bark (don't have a clue what this is ha) jojoba oil, detoxy boost technology and pore shrinking ingredients. This smell is the significant soap and glory smell and I love it! RRP £7

8. Thick and fast super volume mascara, which I don't think is worth the retail price as mine came and was dried out. RRP £10

9. Sexy mother pucker in the shade punch bowl 7ml this plumps my lips and sends tingles through them, love this product used it before and it's great. RRP £9
L-R smoothie milk| clean on me| sugar crush| righteous butter| heel genius| hand food| peaches & clean| thick & fast| sexy mother pucker

So that is all of the 9 products you receive and I most definitely think its a steal! Thank you boots!

Love Sophie

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Look what happened!!!

Hello again my beautiful readers, I know that I've been neglecting the blog quite a lot over these past couple of months and I'm feeling really bad so I thought tonight I'd do a few posts relating to things which have happened in Sophie's world over the past couple of weeks.
This post is just a general post letting you know that at last I passed my driving test! Go me! Hopefully will be on the road just after Christmas, but crikeyyyy isn't insurance expensive! If anybody is in the same situation as me.. Young driver, just passed test, looking for a car, then please get in touch and we can exchange ideas and tips on insurance and cars and basic driving stuff, that might be boring to some of you but I would love to know what insurance is best things like that etc..

Another thing is that this year will be mine & Marc's first Christmas and i am so looking forward to it, as his parents go out of the country at Christmas it means he's joining my family and they love him so much, I just know its going to be great I can not wait!!

So moving on to more beauty related things tonight I've got a few posts going live on products I've bought and tested and an empties post, which mainly consists of products I've tried and finished and what I think of them so please stay tuned for that..
This is starting to drag and considering it was suppose to be a brief update of the night post I'm going to leave it there, grab a hot chocolate and start my night of beauty blogging..


Love to you all,

Hello my little snowflakes

So Christmas is approaching us very quickly this year, well I seem to think so anyway! I've come to the decision that Sophie's beauty room, yes me! I shall be joining the YouTube scene! How exciting? Well it certainly is for me. I've always wanted to share my thoughts on make up and beauty/fashion related things with the world but never really had the confidence. However this year I've realised that if I want to do something then I should try my best to achieve it and therefore I've finally decided to aim to be a beaut vlogger! I'm so excited, Some people may think badly of me for trying but I don't want to be anything huge, I just think that if I can share my knowledge and experience of products wether there good or bad then people should deserve the opportunity to read them but also to experience my life and actually watch them :) therefore I will be uploading my 1st video tomorrow and I'm looking forward to sharing my thankfulness of the people that read my blog on my youtube channel. I appreciate all of you so much, just for reading and therefore I shall be doing a give away just for my blog subscribers and readers... So keep your eyes peeled...

Thanks, love sophie


Tuesday, 11 December 2012

December Update

Hello my pretty people, as we all know its getting rather close to Christmas well infact Christmas is only 2 weeks away! Yay is everyone excited? Just thought I'd do an update because a couple of people have been messaging me and asking me what my favourite beauty products and hair products are. I thought this might be interesting to those of you who are near the younger end and are just starting off being interested in the beauty world as I like to call it. So this post will contain my beauty favourites, thought I'd break it up so I'm not overloading your pretty little heads :)

I'm going to start off with my favourite beauty products, I have quite a few so I've decided just to chose my top 5 which are most definitely my faveeeeessss!!!

(1) Max Factor 3in1 foundation in the shade 45 warm almond, I only discovered this foundation just over 3 months ago, but the shade is perfect, I'm quite pale and struggle to find a high street foundation that blends in and covers my skin quite flawlessly but this does the job perfectly and I really would recommend it to anyone who struggles to find their shade. The woman in boots was really helpful in testing out the lighter colours on my skin and finding the perfect one. Also bonus it's £12 which is really cheap for a foundation like this, which is also a combined primer!!!

(2) Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in the shade Lightscapade is another all time favourite. This finish takes the shine out of my face and dulls down the light shines from an SPF foundation. It's shimmer is to-die for, it's so pigmented and I know that I rave on about it quite a lot but I absolutely love love love this product. The multi-dimensional tones mixed with the beige base compliment my skin complexion so much, even though the product is quite light it works well with my foundation. Recommended to anybody starting out with mac products and wanting to experience something not so heavy!!

(3) So I used to be a huge Benefit fan and then I started to switch up brands and use ore cheaper brands as benefit is quite expensive but I have to admit that one of my all time favourite products comes from this brand and is... Sun Beam one of benefits top highlighters. I bought this product mainly for my holiday to give my skin a more glowy bronze finish and find myself wearing it most days especially on nights out and special occasions.. For ever in my handbag I love it super duper more than any other highlighter I've ever come across. Although it is quite pricey for a small bottle of sacred gold liquid (RRP: £18.50) I normally wait for the Debenhams 10% beauty sale to come around to repurchase mine and it is on at the moment so definitely checkit out!


(4) Maybelline volum' express colossal cat eyes is my all time go to mascara, I can wear this during the day and can top up at night to make my lashes pop! Perfect multi use mascara which is forever in my makeup kit don't think I've come across anything as multi functional as this especially by a hgh street brand. This product is reasonably priced as well just under £8 and is an even bigger bargain when 3for2 offers are on at superdrug.

(5) Mac lipstick shade 'Up The Amp' is my ALL TIME FAVOURITE LIPSTICK I'm not even joking I wear this colour all year round, I don't really tend to chose a shade for a season just whichever makes me happy and this colour sure does that. It's vibrant and bright and everytime I wear it I receive comments from people telling me how much I suite it and how well it compliments my skin and the rest of my makeup therefore I love it and I'm completely happy with is, so won't be changing colour soon! Also respectable price this was £12 from the airport but retails for £14 in the shops.