I hope that as you have read my blog you have grown to trust me, and appreciate all of my reviews as once again they are only my personal opinion. All my reviews are 100% true to what I believe whether that be products which I have bought, samples or products which have been provided by PR companies.

All of the reviews and photos on my blog are my own, however occasionally I will take a quote from somewhere and will quote where this has come from. This applies to my blog as well as I have made sure that there are copyright laws in place when it comes to the content on my blog. This is my hard work I've put into my work, and do not appreciate it when other bloggers take content and brand it as there own.

PR Samples:
I welcome PR samples with open arms, I love trying new things and sharing my thoughts via reviews of the products. I will gratefully accept any samples which I feel fit the 'theme' of my blog and will interest my viewers. I will not review products which I do not think are appropriate. Since some of you are not aware of which products are which as of April 2013 (now) products which have been sent to me will be marked with * beside the products and in the titles of the reviews. My opinions will not change whether I have been sent the samples or have bought them with my own money.

Most of the reviews on my blog and the products mentioned have been bought by my own money which I have earned, I usually research widely into a product before I purchase and therefore I do occasionally splurge on products.

If you  would be interested in contacting me then feel free too via my email smansell94@gmail.com


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