Thursday, 31 January 2013

What's in my everyday make-up bag?

Hi everyone, I've seen a few of these posts floating about so I thought i'd do one. It's a post on what I tend to carry in my make-up bag every day, so its mainly all of my basics that i use to create a natural/neutral look. I do swap and change them about when need be, but like I said this is my basic bag which I take to university with me and out and about when travelling. So to start off with, my make-up bag changes all the time, and at the moment I'm using this £3 black and white monochrome striped zig zaggy one from Primark, its such a bargain and is big enough to carry around all of my essentials and still have bits of room for when I need to add those extras.
£3 Primark - Make Up bag

So lets crack on to see whats inside....

L-R; Mac quartet, Mac mineralize skinfinish, MUA eyebrow palette, 2x Mac Lipsticks, L'oreal Volume Million Diamond Lashes, Nars Eyeshadow, Maybeline Colossal Volume Mascara, Garnier Body intense moisturiser, Colection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concelear, Bourjois 123 Perfect, Sally Halsal blusher brush & compact mirror.

In a bit more detail i'll describe the products and leave links to any reviews i've previously done so here goes..

Mac Eyeshadow quartet - Top left shadow is Mac Embark and is an intense reddish brown matte finish eye shadow, I love using this for a more deep dark smokey eye. The second shadow (top right) is Mac Mystery which is a muted plum brown and a satin finish eye shadow, the final shadow is Mac Honesty which is a Lustre finish and is a pewtered bronze. Sadly my quartet is not finished yet and only contains 3 shadows but I try and keep this palette as neutral as possible but with a bit of shimmer so I can transform my everyday look into something eye popping if im ever caught out and end up going on a night out, which tends to happen being a student.

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish - This skinfinish is in the shade Lightscapade, im generally a really pale person and find that this shade works best over my foundation, it helps set my makeup yet gives me a shimmer glow. I did a post on this a couple of months ago and you can find it here.

Mac Lipsticks - Sticking with mac, I always carry around 2 of my all time favourite lipsticks. These are Rebel & Up The Amp. Up the Amp is an amplified creme finish lipstick and is a bright rich violet purple colour, I absolutely adore this lipstick especially to brighten up an outfit on a night out. My second fave Rebel is a satin finish lipstick and is a darker purple more of a vampy looking colour. You can find more about Mac Up the Amp here

Wearing Up The Amp Lipstick - Max

MUA Eyebrow Palette - Ok so i've tried numerous eye brow palettes and this one seems to be my favourite contender at the moment, theres 3 shades inside however, i only use the darker shade. It makes my eyebrows pop and stay in place all day! Love this palette. Deffo a bargain at £4

Nars Eye Shadow - This is my first ever Nars product and its an eye shadow in the shade ondine I am currently loving this shadow and just recently did a post on it which is here its a shimmery brown shadow and can definietley be used day or night! Love it

L'oreal Mascara - This I believe is the Cheryl Cole diamond volumising mascara, its so pigmented and has shimmery glittery pieces when applied to the lashes, that you can't see on the applicator. It definietly makes my eye lashes longer and full of volume, I haven't done a post on this yet, but im sure it RRP's for under £12! Well done L'oreal!!

moving on to the right half of the photo this part contains my daily routine must have basics!!

Maybelline Volum' express colossal cat eyes Mascara - This mascara i mentioned in my december favourites which you can find here i talk about this all the time and i love love love love what it does to my lashes.

Garnier Body Intense 7 days softening lotion - I use this all the time and am currently using the Shea Butter one, I use it on my body and on my face as a daily moisturizer both in the morning, and at night after i've cleansed my face, it locks in moisturizer and is great for combination to normal skin like mine, i've tried all the flavours and love the smell of this one!

Bourjois 123 perfect foundation -  I swear by this, this is my holy grail foundation it gives flawless coverage and contains anti oxidants which balance out any yellow pigmented skin or red un-even pigmented skin! It works amazing, mine is shade 51 Light Vanilla. This foundation is great at sorting out any under-eye dark circles, it covers over them and is also a medium coverage so its build-able.

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer - I'm new to trying this concealer out, which is a bit of a shock considering every man and his dog has it and loves it! Im using shade 2 which is light, i thought i'd go a shade lighter than my foundation to make sure it blends in well and I've used it for just over 2 weeks now religiously and i love it, i think i shall definitely be expanding on the range! Thumbs up for a cheap but well coverage concealer.

The only brush that I actually had which was clean was my sally hassal blush brush, this brush is a one off and was made especially for me, when I went on a trip to Egypt. Im so thankful, this brush is so soft and works great for blush, powder or bronzer love it!

It would be great to know what your beauty favourite are that you keep and use everyday? So please leave comments and i'll take a look and i am thankful for any reccommendations to try out. Thanks

Love Sophie

I've been shopping yet again...

Hello everyone :) I promised I wouldn't shop anymore but this week was mine and Marcs anniversary and we thought we'd go shopping to see what we could get each other, instead we spent lots of money on ourselves ooopss!!

29th January was our first year together and he spoilt me, heres the flowers he got me, there so lovely!! He also took me out for a lovely meal, and spoilt me with a white gold heart necklace which i shall find a photo off and post :)

 So on our shopping trip we decided to not go too mad, well so we hoped but marc ended up spending loads and treated himself to about 5 pairs of jeans!! Crazy men! I on the other hand only bought stuff i needed, well thought i did! So here goes..

I treated myself to my first ever NARS product! and i chose an eyeshadow in the colour Ondine. I've heard so many reviews about it especially from Helen on her blog which you can check out here so she persuaded me to try out the eyeshadow before I spent a bit more money and tried a blush. This eyeshadow was around £17 and I have to say I love it. You can build it up to create a super hot smokey look or wear it a bit more subtle for an every day look. The packaging is so cute, just hope it doesnt start to get a bit grubbey.. If anyone has any tips on trying to keep nars packaging clean then please let me know in the comments section.

Nars ondine eyeshadow £17

I also had my eye on a clutch bag from primark for a couple of months now but couldn't decide which colour to buy it in. Im sure if i mentioned the word studded then you'd all know which one I was on about. If not then you've been living in a fantasy world. It is so gorgeous, and so i chose the black one so it could go with almost any look. Im quite into grungey looking accessories this season, and love teaming black shoes, black bag with dark lips i normally go fro Mac's rebel or if im in the mood for a bright lip i chose Mac's Up the amp. So heres my bargain clutch bag...

£6 Primark
Then I visited a shop I don't tend to go in unless im going on holiday and that is H&M. However, I thought id take a quick look and was pleasently surprised with what I bought. I chose a grey and purple, long oversized 'America' jumper. It looks almost like a basketball top but with long sleeves. It caught my eye immediately, and seen as though me and Marc are looking at going to America later on this year I thought I had to have it!! Its gorgeous and was a super steal. at just £14.99..

H&M America Jumper £14.99

I then went online shopping last week with asos, and bought a River Island space dye coloumn dress which you can find here. I absoloutely adore this dress, especially now that spring is suppose to be arriving. I think this would look really cute teamed with some biker boots, or for a more sophisticated look a pair of jefferey campbells on a night out. It looks so good and on trend this season. Well done river island!!  Oh forgot to mention this dress should of been £22 but they had a 25% student discount sale on and therefore I only paid £16.50 i think! Such a bargain again..

Last but not least is a Yankee candle! I've never tried a Yankee candle before but my friend brought one into uni, and begged me to buy it! It smells absolutely amazing! Just like vanilla cupcakes. Its so unreal how good it actually does smell, although it makes me hungry! Ha..

If anybody has any recommendations on yankee candles, if they've tried any that are out of this world then please let me know in the comments section and i shall give them a try. Also if anyone has been to America well particularly New York and LA please recommend some good places to stay, would mean a lot, and if anyone has any questions or wants me to visit their blog then please leave a link in the comments section aswell. Love viewing all your blogs and reviews!!

Lots of love

Liebster Award

So thanks to Maggie from PrettyPottering she nominated me for the Liebster Award, which im very thankful for, didn't realise people actually took an interest in my blog! So thank you so much.............The Liebster Awards is given to blogs under 200 followers, giving small blogs a chance of getting out there into the blogging world. First time ive ever been nominated and I think its a great idea.

There's a few rules:
1. List 11 facts about yourself

2. Answer the 11 questions given to you.
3. Ask 11 new questions for the bloggers you nominate for the award.
4. Choose 9 bloggers with 200 or less followers to nominate.
5. Go to each blogger's page and let them know about the award.
6. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.

11 Facts About Me:
  • I'm from Manchester, but currently studying at Edge Hill University in a small town called Ormskirk (near to Liverpool)
  • I work at home, as a bar maid, not my ideal job but it pays me.
  • I love my car molly, i could not live without her.
  • I don't tend to have a high concentration level. 
  • I spend all my money on makeup and beauty related products (shopaholic).
  • I still wonder whether the moon is made of cheese.
  • I have a sister who is 18months younger than me.
  • I'm a procrastinator in everything i do
  • I constantly experiment with my hair and different looks.
  • I love my dog. 
  • I love quavers. 

    Questions for me: From Maggie

    1. Which ONE item of make up could you not leave the house without wearing?
    Foundation without a doubt, whether its high end or high street my skin needs to be covered

    2. Which ONE item of clothing would you be lost without?
    My jeans, i live in skinny jeans. Daytime and night time i think they are the best things to ever be invented!

    3. What's the most disappointing beauty product you've ever used?
    Im not going to lie it got a huge hype but Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade is a huge let down to me, even the counter girls said it would suit my skin tone down to the ground but I can't even tell im wearing it.. its pointless.

    4. What's your biggest fashion regret?
    DUNGAREES! most definitely what was my mother thinking??????????

    5. If you had £100 to spend on one item what would you buy?
    A rabbit, ive always wanted a rabbit since i was about 5

    6. What do you hope to be doing in 10 years time?
    Working in a prison as a prison officer, or with the police force in the police and criminal evidence section

    7. What's your favourite time of year? Why?
    Summer i love summer, its such a happy time no university and its my birthday!!!!

    8. What's your perfect Saturday night?
    Movie, alcohol, and my boyfriend

    9. What's your favourite movie?
    This means war! Tom Hardy is so damn hotttttt

    10. Do you prefer a bath or a shower?
    Bath most definitely and it has to be a lush or soap and glory one, love a good soak

    11. What's your bedroom like?
    White, Cream, Purple and super tidy. Everythings clean and cute :)

    Here are my questions to you:

    1.What is your all time favourite beauty product? Why?
    2.If you could only wear one beauty product what would it be? Why?
    3.What's your favourite movie to watch?
    4.What's your favourite shop to shop in/online?
    5.What do you see yourself doing in the future?
    6.If you had £1 million what would you spend it on? Why?
    7.Most expensive beauty/fashion item you own? How much?
    8.Favourite month of the year?
    9.Best celebrity and why?
    10.Do you have any pets?
    11.Your favourite beauty brand?

    I Nominate...

    Dancia Berg


    Sparkle Me xox

    Mainly Meghan








    Friday, 25 January 2013

    January haul!

    Hey all, I haven't posted much over the past couple of weeks, so I'm really sorry but I've been snowed under by exams and assignments for uni. However, I have been shopping a little bit and saved everything to do a mini blog haul. So I hope you can all forgive me, i shall be posting more often :)

    Ok so the first place I went to on my shopping trip was la senna, most stores have shut down, well the little ones. But there are still large stores floating about so when I get the chance I love to pay a visit. I went to the one inside Manchester Arndale and to my surprise everything was in the sale. Bra's that were £20/£30 were £5!!! Underwear was on 5 pairs for £5 so how could you not buy?!?! I limited myself and only bought one bra with matching underwear. Because I'm a weirdo and love wearing matching underwear, do you do this? Let me know ha!!

    Make-Up bits

    The next place I went to was the Trafford centre. I love this place, but don't go too often as I get put off by all the busy shoppers! I first went straight to selfridges as I've been dying to try out the new YSL touché clat foundation and heard from a few people they are doing 7 day testers. The pot size is fairly good enough and definitely will give me a good idea whether I like this product. I think it's a great idea that they colour match you and then let you trial for 7 days, especially as the product is really pricey! So go get some testers!! I love the foundation. Also in selfridges I visited mac! Now if you know me then you will know mac is my favourite brand of make-up ever. I worship the place and think the staff in the Trafford centre are so friendly and not push like most in other places are... So I had my eye on the 'Teddy' eyeliner, as it looks gorgeous but however they didn't have any in!! Gutted I know! So instead I thought i would treat myself to a quartet palette. I couldn't believe it was £6.50 for a duo palette and £6.50 for a 4 palette! Of course your going to buy the 4! Then I treated myself to the eyeshadow refill 'mystery' it's a gorgeous brown matte shade and I will be doing a review soon! So keep out for that.

    Sticking with makeup I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon of the collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer in the shade number 2 light. I've heard lots of beauty bloggers and vloggers rave on about how this concealer is better than any other high street or high end product they've tried. I'm a sucker for a benefit boi-ing concealer and thought nothing would compare but I've been using this for about 3-4 days and I can say it comes so close! For £3.19 it's an absolute bargain! So cheap yet so good, the colour range isn't that bad either love a high street product that gives a high end finish!

    I also popped in to topshop this week and thought I'd try one of their kohl eyeliners, I didn't have high expectations for this product for the price £4 but the packaging is so cute, all topshop make up looks adorable. I've tried this once or twice and find it quite softening and not sharp on my bottom lash line so overall it's pretty good.

    Fashion bits

    So the first thing isn't technically mine but I bought my sisters birthday present, she's obsessed with wearing my converse so I thought I'd buy her a pair of her own. I got the black pump style ones from republic and there was a 20% student discount on £34 so cheap! Hope she enjoys.

    I also had a gift card for new look from my auntie at Christmas, and was waiting for the sales to finish so I could get something from the new spring range. I caught my eye on this gorgeous skater style dress and for £12 Thought it was such a bargain! Only spotted it in this grey wash colour but if there are anymore then I will be buying them all!

    The final things I bought were necklaces, I'm not really a jewellery fan but thought I'd give the choker style collar necklaces a try. I bought the purple diamond shape one from Primark for £2 along with the zebra print dangly one which was also £4 the other 2 necklaces were from new look and in the sale they were £1 each!! How cheap £6 for 4 necklaces for a try, if they don't suit them its not much money wasted! Such a bargain..

    Thanks for reading, I love reading your comments and checking out your blogs so leave your links below and tell me what your favourite purchases of January have been, if you've got any bargains in the sales or if you've seen anything about.

    Lots of love

    Monday, 7 January 2013

    Nails Inc!! Do you want a discount code?

    Hello my readers, followers and subscribers :)

    I picked up February 2013 Glamour today and was having a scan through, when I came across a wait for it...

              30% NAILS INC DISCOUNT CODE!!

    Oh my how goods that! I thought that I would share it with you all, so that you can make some use out of it as much as I will be doing in about 10 minutes!

    So the code has been available from the 3rd January to the 3rd February 2013! It excludes sale items and gift vouchers, yada yada yada... You can read the terms and conditions here and the code is

    GLAMOUR30 - you just enter that at the checkout section and recieve 30% off just like that!

    The discount is exclusive to the online and can not be used in store!

    Let me know if you purchase any of these colours, what you think about them? And if you already own any nails inc polish, would be nice to see some photos and exchange thoughts.

    Lots of love


    Sunday, 6 January 2013

    Week #3 Photos

    mess| candy canes & lucky charms| rose wine|
    keys| car| lip scrub
    selfie| cards from purse| fave nandos food|
    new straighteners| Christmas goodys| marcs onesie 

    Hey all, first photo post of 2013! how exciting, please leave links or comments to your new photos of this year, and i will check them all out. I promise!

    Love Sophie

    Friday, 4 January 2013

    January Buys!

    Hey all, I did one of these a couple of months ago and ive decided im going to stick with them they seem quite fun and make me put into perspective of what I want this month and how much I'll spend. So here goes...

    (1) ASOS - Linked Leaf Necklace £20, this necklace looks absolutely gorgeous online, and would definitely make a statement with any outfit. For £20 its a bargain, for the amount of class and glamour it can bring to an outfit. You can buy this here from ASOS.

    (2) ASOS - Tassel Bowler Bag with Rabbit Fitting £35, I've seen this bag on someones Youtube channel in a mint greeny blue colour and instantly fell in love with it, it is gorgeous and dead 'springy' if i was to class it under a season, i love the pastel pinky colour and the gold detailing around the straps and the rabbit! Again you can buy this here from ASOS.

    (3) River Island - Red jersey box pleat skater skirt £18, i love skater dresses and skater skirts there so shabby and so in fashion at the moment. This colour is definitely something that would brighten up my winter wardrobe quite nicely teamed with a pair of thick black tights and some creepers, or a more elegant pair of dolly shoes! So nice so thanks River Island, this can be found here.

    (4) TopShop - Bouquet Floral Flippy Dress £26, One of my friends has this dress and it looks gorgeous on, the back detailing is rather unique and quite different to one ive seen on the 'skater dresses' but well done topshop, this dress comes in numerous patterns and i have to say they all look like they would go nicely in my wardrobe. My friend Becky wore heres to work with a pair of black tights and creepers. Looked lovely, you can buy this here and i definitely will be doing on pay day!

    (5) TopShop - Fluro Weave Boxy Jumper £38, this is a little steeped pricey for a jumper but this colour is amazing, and the weaved pattern/texture looks so unique and expensive quality. I would love to own  this jumper and almost all of topshops jumpers. You can buy this here.

    last but not least...

    (6) River Island - Bright Blue Contrast Strap Stiletto Sandals £70, I LOVE river island shoes although Im not so in  love with the price tag attached to them! But i tried these shoes on  in store and they look gorgeous, i need these in my life. If you need them in your life too then you can get these here.

    Please leave comments letting me know what your purchase for January will be, and if you have any of the purchases im going to make, any information about them, your opinions on them and i will gladly read them all and take time to reply to you all.

    Lots of love

    Thursday, 3 January 2013

    Soap & Glory Mini Travel Kit £18

    Hello all, Im on a blogging journey today whilst im suffering being ill! So I thought id post some products which I love but unfortunately belong to my darling little sister, stuff she got for Christmas which I think are great gifts.
    So the first one is the Soap & Glory mini travel bag and mini products, which I believe was £18 from boots before Christmas, but you can pick them up on 3 for 2 aswell!

    So this is what it looks like inside the bag :)

    The print is so cute, and very girly i love that you can use this bag once all the stuff has been used, for example as a makeup bag or a wash bag if you were going away. So cute!!

    The products are all travel size and are available in large sizes too, so i guess this kit is a bit like a try and see which products are for you! Which is perfect for my sister, shes not largely into beauty or products like this but i know she loves using my things that's why we got her, her own small version.

    So inside she got a Girligo body moisturising mist, which I have the full version of and I love it, it smells so nice an leaves shimmer on your skin. She then got scrub of your life, hand food, the righteous butter, clean on me and calm on calm! all products which i love, hope she loves using  them too.
    You can buy the small sized products individually as well as in kits around christmas time, so you can constantly try out the new things. One of the reasons why I love soap and glory mmmmmmm delicious!

    Leave comments to what your favourite soap and glory products are, and any recomendations. I'd love to give them a try and mention you of course!

    Lots of Love

    New Years Eve Photos!!

    me & marc
    me & lisa

    me, lisa & jen
    me & marc

    me, lisa & jen

    ASOS Bargain!

    Hello again my snowflakes, I ordered an iPad case/pouch from ASOS a couple of weeks before Christmas and silly me forgot to show you! Its gorgeous and it was an absolute bargain, if you live in the UK then you must know about hotukdeals and if you don't then basically its a website were people can post bargains or codes to get discount off anything and i mean anything from a chocolate bar from poundland to a 55" flat screen tv from currys. The great thing about them is they work! Proof is in the pudding as I got my iPad case for £5.40 with free next day delivery awsell!
    Now i was rather sneaky and got my case when ASOS were doing 30% off so it was reduced from £20 to £14 already but still had the shipping charge on which took it to round about £18 then I searched hotukdeals and found a 60% off code and free next day delivery! I was doing back flips and here is my wonderful soft suede quilted leather iPad case!

    and heres the link ASOS SUEDE QUILTED IPAD CASE

    Love Sophie

    Lush Bath & Body & Happy New Year!!!

    Hello everyone, happy new year to you all and thanks for supporting me and reading my blog in the past year I really appreciate each and every view :)

    So over Christmas I received loads of gifts but too many to blog about so every now and then I'll mention a few :) the one I love at the moment is a lush Christmas gift set called 'Christmas Candy Box' which Marc picked me up for Christmas. It contains all my all time favourite lush products and smells so so so nice!

    The box contains rock star soap, butterball bath ballistic, snow fairy shower gel (allllll time fave!!!!)' popcorn lip scrub and a candy mountain bubble bar. Now I'm a girl that loves bath and body products and I do love lush, although sometimes they can be a bit pricey.

    RRP £19.99 - Lush or |

    70g rock star soap - pink, sweet and full of confidence: soap with attitude. So lush says, this soap smells divine and has been cut into a star shape very Christmassy and covered in pink glitter yummy. RRP £3.40/100g

    Butterball bath ballistic - skin softening, vanilla scented, sweet and lovely bath ballistic. Smells gorgeous very vanilla like, rather huge, great for the winter time when skin becomes dehydrated and dry, nourishes it :) RRP £2.45 each

    100g Snow Fairy shower gel - shower gel for body and hair. Candy floss pink and sweet as sugar with iridescent sparkles and a hint of wicked fruitiness. Exactly what lush says, I love this product, it smells so fruity definitely the type of stuff I use. Sparkles on your skin in the shower and leaves a lingering long lasting fruity smell. RRP around £4.50 for 100g (Christmas edition sold out)

    25g Popcron Lip Scrub - a sweet and salty scrub for your smackers. Pucker up. I love lip scrubs especially the bubblegum one, but this popcorn one is out of this world. I LOVE POPCORN and now I can have it buffed into my lips, what better? It tastes just like Popcorn even better dare I say. This product is currently sold out but RRPs £5.25

    Last but not least is the 100g candy mountain bubble bar - candy sweet vanilla bubble bar for huge clouds of comforting foam. This is my favourite thing from lush ever. I love this bubble bar, I love the colours pink and green fused together perfect! But I love the smell, I wish my body my hair and my house smelt like this bar, so sweet yet fruity almost reminds me of candy floss. Love love love this!! Again this product was a Christmas limited edition and is sold out sadly however, I think it RRPs around £5

    If any of you have tried lush products please let me know what you think in the comments :) thanks.
    Love sophie