Thursday, 31 January 2013

I've been shopping yet again...

Hello everyone :) I promised I wouldn't shop anymore but this week was mine and Marcs anniversary and we thought we'd go shopping to see what we could get each other, instead we spent lots of money on ourselves ooopss!!

29th January was our first year together and he spoilt me, heres the flowers he got me, there so lovely!! He also took me out for a lovely meal, and spoilt me with a white gold heart necklace which i shall find a photo off and post :)

 So on our shopping trip we decided to not go too mad, well so we hoped but marc ended up spending loads and treated himself to about 5 pairs of jeans!! Crazy men! I on the other hand only bought stuff i needed, well thought i did! So here goes..

I treated myself to my first ever NARS product! and i chose an eyeshadow in the colour Ondine. I've heard so many reviews about it especially from Helen on her blog which you can check out here so she persuaded me to try out the eyeshadow before I spent a bit more money and tried a blush. This eyeshadow was around £17 and I have to say I love it. You can build it up to create a super hot smokey look or wear it a bit more subtle for an every day look. The packaging is so cute, just hope it doesnt start to get a bit grubbey.. If anyone has any tips on trying to keep nars packaging clean then please let me know in the comments section.

Nars ondine eyeshadow £17

I also had my eye on a clutch bag from primark for a couple of months now but couldn't decide which colour to buy it in. Im sure if i mentioned the word studded then you'd all know which one I was on about. If not then you've been living in a fantasy world. It is so gorgeous, and so i chose the black one so it could go with almost any look. Im quite into grungey looking accessories this season, and love teaming black shoes, black bag with dark lips i normally go fro Mac's rebel or if im in the mood for a bright lip i chose Mac's Up the amp. So heres my bargain clutch bag...

£6 Primark
Then I visited a shop I don't tend to go in unless im going on holiday and that is H&M. However, I thought id take a quick look and was pleasently surprised with what I bought. I chose a grey and purple, long oversized 'America' jumper. It looks almost like a basketball top but with long sleeves. It caught my eye immediately, and seen as though me and Marc are looking at going to America later on this year I thought I had to have it!! Its gorgeous and was a super steal. at just £14.99..

H&M America Jumper £14.99

I then went online shopping last week with asos, and bought a River Island space dye coloumn dress which you can find here. I absoloutely adore this dress, especially now that spring is suppose to be arriving. I think this would look really cute teamed with some biker boots, or for a more sophisticated look a pair of jefferey campbells on a night out. It looks so good and on trend this season. Well done river island!!  Oh forgot to mention this dress should of been £22 but they had a 25% student discount sale on and therefore I only paid £16.50 i think! Such a bargain again..

Last but not least is a Yankee candle! I've never tried a Yankee candle before but my friend brought one into uni, and begged me to buy it! It smells absolutely amazing! Just like vanilla cupcakes. Its so unreal how good it actually does smell, although it makes me hungry! Ha..

If anybody has any recommendations on yankee candles, if they've tried any that are out of this world then please let me know in the comments section and i shall give them a try. Also if anyone has been to America well particularly New York and LA please recommend some good places to stay, would mean a lot, and if anyone has any questions or wants me to visit their blog then please leave a link in the comments section aswell. Love viewing all your blogs and reviews!!

Lots of love


  1. Awww, such beautiful flowers! I stayed at The Roosevelt in NYC, it's a really nice place in a great location.

    The Style Rawr!

  2. LOVE that candle... its my bedroom haha!! x