Tuesday, 26 February 2013

YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) foundation & lipstick review!

Hello again to you all :) today I have a bit of an exciting post well it is for me anyway.
Just over a week ago my friend Amy from (www.makeupescape.blogspot.co.uk) sent me a message telling me about an offer at boots which is still running now. So the offer was that if you buy 2 Ysl products you receive 2000 points free to spend at boots! That's £20 so I thought I'll snap this offer up, so thankful for her making me aware of this offer.

I've been dying to try some ysl products for ages, especially the Le teint Touche ├ęclat foundation they released just after Christmas. I tried the 7 day free trial and knew instantly it was for me. My shade is BR10 Beige Rose, I know it's rather pale but what do you know my skins super pale. So far I love this foundation, it blends so well on my skin, I like to use my real techniques buffing brush to work it into my skin, I'd say this product is a light/medium build able coverage and works perfectly for almost every skin tone with there being a huge shade range. My skin is combination to normal and I would say this works well for my skin type, however I think it would be too moisturising for an oily skin and maybe would work for dry skin. This product is a little steep in price costing £29 however it is a premium product which I will use everyday, and I can justify spending a large amount of money on something that I've tested and works as good as it does for my skin.

The second product I purchased was the Ysl Rouge Volupte Lipstick in shade #13 peach passion. I've seen quite a few people talk about this shade and say how it's a gorgeous peach colour tha suits many skin tones. Although as I mentioned and your probably aware I'm rather pale but I decided to take the risk and snapped up this shade, definitely one that will get a lot of wear in spring/summer. This lipstick looks great on its own or with a gloss over the top. The texture is rather creamy and I find that it stays on my lips longer than what I anticipated.
Something I really love about this product is the smell and the sweet scented taste, something which I adore in a luxurious lip product. How gorgeous is this packaging though, its great for the way i store my lip products as they are lay down and the colour around the middle of the lipstick is the actual colour of the lipstick itself, the detailing is one of the main things that attracted me to this product. Again this product was a little steep and cost £24 from boots. You can also buy any of these products in Selfridges, Debenhams, John Lewis and house of Fraser.

I would love to know any of your thoughts on these products, or other ysl products that you have. Again, like always any recommendations to new products and blogs are widely appreciated. I love new things and I love to know what your thoughts are about products.

Love sophie xxx

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Monday, 25 February 2013

Sleek - Oh so special palette!


Hey everybody, I thought I'd do a review on a sleek palette. I chose this one In particular as its a sparkle and shimmer palette and I enjoy the colours quite alot! The sleek palette are rather good quality for the price and are just under £8.

This palette has 5 shimmery finish shadows and 7 matte shadows. So all in all, its quite a controversial palette that can be used to create any look. This palette also contains both neutral and dark shadows, so would be perfect for the use of a travel palette. Mine fits rather cosey in my makeup bag and I can use it day or night to create almost any look.

Shimmery Shades:
Organsa - gorgeous pale pinky peach shade with a tone of a light champagne colour
Gift Basket - more of a copper brown shade, with bronze flecs.
Glitz - Very classic gunmetal grey colour, works well with the matte noir
Celebrate - dark plum tone glitter shimmer shade, good colour pay off.
Gateau - Lighter than Organsa, but a pale pinky toned shimmer shadow.

Matte Shades:
Bow - off white colour, doesn't have too much pay off so I like to use this to line my lids before application of other shades.
Ribbon - Salmon coloured pinky shade, very light and I would severely recommend the use of a primer with this shadow, if it will be worn on its own.
Pamper - Another light pinky peach shade, shade lighter than ribbon.
The Mail - Light brown colour, almost matchable to a slight tanned skin tone, shows up great on the eye. I like to use this as a base for colour build up.
Boxed - Dark brown colour, I actually use this to fill in my eyebrows most of the time or as a close lash liner.
Wrapped up - Dark purpley brown colour, dark plum. Shows up great on the lids and is even better when blended to create a smokey eye.
Noir - Classic black colour, again shows up well on the lid and is great for mixing with the browns to create a smokey look.

All in all I love this palette, If any of you have tried any other sleek palettes or products in general, then please let me know what you think of them below in the comments section along with any recommendations. Thanks


(Giveaway insight) Hello to you, yes you reading this!

Howdy readers, and fellow bloggers, I am so pleased that I've reached 50 followers. I made this blog just to ramble and never thought that anyone actually would read it let alone follow. So I have some interesting information for you. I've decided that when I reach my milestone of 100 followers then I will be doing a giveaway. 50 followers and readers is quite a lot to me let alone 100, so thank you to everyone out there who reads my blog.

So here's the part were I'm after some of your help I'm choosing between 3 brands at the moment being mac, benefit and urban decay, and would really like your help and information and suggestions on any products which you would like to see in a giveaway. Please tweet me your replies @ohsogagasm94 or leave comments below, everything will be taken I to consideration after all the giveaway is for you.

This giveaway will be INTERNATIONAL!!

All you need to do to be in with a chance to win is suggest a product to me, and keep on the lookout for when I reach 100 followers (I'll do a post explaining when I've reached and the rules)

So it would be appreciated dearly if you would suggest and products and brands for this giveaway.

Much love

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Real Techniques Brush Review

Hey, so I posted earlier this week telling you all that i'd purchased some of the real techniques brush collection, and I thought i'd do a review on a few of the brushes I bought. I could not be more happier with these brushes, they are everything I wanted in a brush and more. So worth the money.

The 2 sets I got are the core collection (gold brushes) and the enhanced starter set (purple brushes) and I also bought a single brush, the stippling brush (pink brush). Both of the sets come with a multi-purpose 2 in 1 brush stand and role to keep all your brushes together. However, I keep mine in glasses on my makeup desk just for easy storage and access with other brushes.

The Core collection set comes with the following brushes;

Detailer Brush - This brush can be used for applying concealer or lipstick, small enough for good precision.
Pointed Foundation Brush -Small pointed brush, great for liquid foundation however, i like to use it to apply my concealer and liquid highlighters.
Buffing Brush - This brush is perfect for full coverage application of foundation and loose powder/setting powder. Really good for setting your makeup. The brush is so soft and perfect for applying powder, one of my favourite brushes.
Contour Brush - This brush is perfect for applying bronzer/blusher and as it says 'contouring' the face. Another great multi purpose brush.

The Starter collection set comes with the following brushes;

Base shadow brush - This is basically for applying your eyeshadow base across your lid. I like to use this after my primer has set to apply a base to give my eyeshadow something to stick too.
Deluxe Crease Brush - A few people compare this to Mac's 217 blending brush, and I do agree to some extent its great for blending out the shadow onto your crease and further out from there,  however I don't think its as great as the 217.
Accent brush- This is to be used for highlighting and smudging, and I like to use this brush to apply shadow to my lower lash line, or a darker shadow close to my tight upper lash line.
Pixel-Point Eyeliner Brush - This is great for the applier of a gel eyeliner, or if you don't want to use it on your eyes then it has a multi-purpose of becoming a lip brush.
Brow Brush- This basically does what its called, i use this to give my brows a bit of a distinctive shape, such a great brush.

and last but not least...

Stippling Brush- I use this to help create a high definition finish on my face with my foundation, I find it great for a photo ready finish look, definitely works my foundation into my skin and blends nicely.

Overall Samantha I give your brushes a huge thumbs up, and especially the price I received them at such a bargain! I mentioned were I bought them from in a previous post which is linked here. So please check that out if you want some reasonably priced brushes.

If you have any of the other brushes, or have any of the same, then please leave your comments below I would love to see how other people get on with these brushes, and would love to have a look at some new blogs :)

If you have any requests then also please leave them below.
Thanks for reading, catch you soon.


Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Im pretty sure that unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past year, or avoiding all contact with the internet and youtube bloggers. Then you would of heard of 'Real Technique Brushes'. These brushes have been designed by none other than Pixiwoo, Samantha Chapman.
If you've never heard of pixiwoo, then you need to check them out on youtube. They are my all time favourite and I love their videos.

Anyway so the point of this ramble was that, I find it fairly hard to justify spending quite a bit of money on something which i already have but a little different. So these brushes are sold in Boots & Superdrug mainly and the core collection and the starters kit retail for just under £21 each.. bit steep you think?

Well stop right there and try out iHerb I have just purchased the core collection set, the enhanced starter set and the stippling brush for just under £30 including postage and packaging, how cheap is that?
I will do a full review on my blog when they arrive in under 5 days! But the whole point of this post was to tell you that you can receive $10 off your first order if its more than $40! You could have the whole collection in your hands for a fraction of the normal price. I personally saved myself just under £30!!

Anyway enter promo code HTH012 at the checkout and enjoy your brushes!!

If any of you have any of the brushes, then please feel free to leave any recommendations in the comment section, and i shall check out your blogs!! 


Monday, 4 February 2013

50 Random facts about me

I've seen a few people do this on YouTube  so I thought why not do it on my blog? So here goes 50 random facts about me.

(1) My natural hair colour is a reddy auburn bit brighter than ginger
(2) I have 1 sister who is 18 months younger than me 
(3) I live in a pub, well when i'm home from university
(4) I am currently studying Criminology with Law at Edge Hill University
(5) I am obsessed with shopping, in particularly for clothes and make-up
(6) To be exact I have been on 114 aeroplanes in my lifetime
(7) I drive a Grey fiat 500! Called molly!
(8) I have a golden labrador, well hes more of a white colour and hes called max, he looks just like an andrex puppy
(9) I don't like the taste of beer at all, well its actually worse than that it makes me feel physically sick the smell of it, which is a bit weird considering that I live and have grown up in a pub. 
(10) I have worn nail polish or had my nails done every day since 2009, I can not stand bare nails. 
(11) I reallllly hate chewing gum, it makes my teeth feel disgusting.
(12) I have OCD about my bed ha weird but my bed always has to be made and in a certain way.
(13) speaking of beds I have to have the right hand side other wise I can't sleep
(14) I have met the klaxons, and was like wowowowo at James! Yum
(15) I still play a spice girls cd in my car
(16) the majority of my friends are called either Amy or Sam, weird huh.
(17) there is the exact age difference between my mum and her sister than there is between me and my sister.
(18) I have a river island obsession especially with bags
(19) I have a heart tattooed to my wrist
(20) love wearing comfy clothes, if I'm at home and stayin in I am forever in my onesie
(21) I am also the biggest vampire diaries fan going! I absolutely adore Ian somerhalder 
(22) I used to pretend I was a princess up until I was about 10 ha!
(23) my favourite colour is purple
(24) I am really picky when it comes to food
(25) I hate thunder and lightening
(26) I live facing both schools I went to
(27) my favourite sandwich is turkey salad
(28) me and my boyfriend met in a nightclub (cliche or what ha)
(29) I have been to Egypt 5 times
(30) my favourite drink is vanilla milkshake especially from McDonald's
(31) I own far too many clothes 
(32) I used to be a ballet dancer and a tap dancer
(33) my favourite book is the 50 shades trilogy
(34) I love watching beauty gurus and videos on YouTube
(35) I am seriously obsessed with Krispy Kreme donuts they taste so damn good,
(36) I have to draw/dye my eyebrows because their white, and even brighter in the sunshine.
(37) I don't like fish
(38) I don't wear any other shoes than converse normally
(39) I have bright blue eyes
(40) I used to wish I never had curly hair, now I wish it would come back! Typical
(41) I prefer white chocolate to milk chocolate
(42) I love spikes and studs especially on accessories
(43) I always research something before I buy it.
(44) I'm a sheep and if somebody has something then I will have to get it.
(45) I refuse to spend money on something that isn't worth the price.
(46) I love plan b!
(47) music really cheers me up
(48) I used to have 7 piercings
(49) I have 25 great aunties and uncles (nan has 12 brothers and sisters)
(50) I love writing blog posts and meeting new people

I would love to read or even watch the 50 random facts about you tag on any of your blogs or youtube channels, so leave a comment in the comment section below and I will 100% check them out. Let me know if we have any random facts that are similar. Thanks for reading. Love sophie xx