Sunday, 31 March 2013

Fashion for April

Hey my pretty readers, I've not done one of these for a while, and now that we are nearing the end of March I thought it was about time I posted the products which I think are on trend for spring/April and products which I will most likely be purchasing or dreaming about purchasing next month.
I'm being a little venturous this month and venturing out of my local store River Island and into a wider world of fashion. Of course there will be a few pieces from RI there couldn't not be. This month i've been really cheeky and i really want 2 bags, i cant chose between them both!!!

1. Selfridges - Michael Kors Hamilton Large Tote £310 - This bag is to die for, it is absolutely stunning. I have wanted a Kors bag for years, but can never justify spending the large amount on one. But this colour and style is so on trend this spring. Might have to ask my dad rather nicely!!

2. River Island - Black Dimante Embellished Spiral Sandals £35 - I owned these sandals last year in a coral pink colour, well they were rather similar from River Island and these ones look rather grown up and more of a sophisticated sandal with the gold detailing over the black back drop of the shoe, a shoe that I will be purchasing this week.

3. New Look - White Alphabet Crop Top £9.99 - I have seen so many crazes on worded t-shirts/crop tops lately, such as the iconic 'GEEK' tops from Topshop then the Primark knockoffs with numerous slogans, the primark alphabet blouse. Iconic pieces which will only be on trend for this season so why not be adventurous and try something now rather than next season when you'll look like you've been rummaging through a fashion trashcan. This piece from new look is a steal, a short crop top would look great with some high wasted jeans for the early spring, considering its snowing right now as im typing this. Or wait a while longer and team it with a pair of high wasted shorts or a maxi skirt.

4. Asos - Cambridge Coral Fluro Leather Satchel £115 - Ok so i bought a fake Cambridge satchel a while back, and regretted it ever since it began to fall apart. Now, I've wanted one for a while but its been choosing the right colour that's been bugging me, and now they've brought out some new shades to the fluro range and this coral colour is right up my street, very summery and eye catching. I saw it in selfridges and immediately was drawn to this one over any of the others such as the fluro green or yellow, there a little bit too bright for me.

5. River Island - Blue Ditsy Print Blouse £30 - Last but not least another river island shirt which needs to be added to my collection. Im a loose shirt kind of person over a pair of jeans, or tucked into some disco pants that's me practically down to a tee. But there is something about this shirt that screams vintage fashion, more than likely something to do with the fact that its a very similar print to the print my grandad used to have on his bedding when i was a child. But this print would look fabulous teamed with some acid washed jeans.

So what are you fashion fixes for next month? What pieces do you NEED in your life?

Much Love Sophie

Thursday, 28 March 2013

What's in my travel make-up bag?

Helloooo to all of my blog reading friends, I was suppose to be venturing on a weekend away with my beloved other half this week to the lake district. However, the weathers been really bad and its too snowy to go. I had planned to do a whats in my travel makeup bag post when I was there but I thought why not still do one anyway seen as though its all packed and ready to be unpacked :(

Because I was only going for 3 days I didn't want to take too much makeup but I didn't want to be limited to colours and things so, there's not really much to say about it all but I thought some people may be interested. Knowing me I won't use every product but its the idea of having it all there that makes me happy.

Avon Blush (Soft Plum)| Benefit Sun Beam| Nars Ondine Eye shadow| Mac Mystery, naked lunch & copper eyeshadows| Maybelline colour sensation lipstick purple shine| Mac mineralised skin finish in Lightscapade| MUA eyebrow palette| Revlon colour burst lipstick in Crimson| Rimmel Colour match foundation in 100 Ivory
| 4 real techniques brushes 1st gold is the buffing brush, pink brush is the Stippling brush, 3rd brush is the contour brush and the purple brush is the base shadow brush| Rimmel lash accelerator endless mascara| L'Oreal Dimantissime mascara| Mac Up the Amp lipstick| Mac Rebel lipstick| Mac Brick o La lipstick| Mac paint pot indianwood| Maybelline gel eyeliner black|

So what's essential to your travel make up bag??

Love Sophie

Monday, 25 March 2013

I'm eating myself beautiful! Part 1: Smoothies

Hello, I've decided it's about time that I admit to myself that I don't have the best looking skin in the world or the best type of body. In fact I could do with being a lot more healthier. It's not that I don't eat healthy I just don't seem to look after my body. I try to exercise when I can but that's always too little to what I'd like. I do eat healthy most of the time but with the added creme egg or McDonald's chips. So I've decided I'm going to give all of this up and in a brass 'eat myself beautiful' bye bye to the 3 C's chocolate, crisp and chips and hello to the fruit and goodness.

I don't think the eating of healthy food will be hard for me I'm a huge fan of fruit and vegetables but the balancing portions and protein and giving up everything else I think will be the hard part. So I'm taking it slow this week and eliminating the unnecessary sugar and salt from my diet. Tis week I've decided to wipe out my unhealthy snacks and replace them with some delicious smoothies.

My favourite smoothie being a 'Peach Pleasure' which consists off peach, banana, passion fruit and low fat natural yoghurt (frozen or normal) this tastes absolutely incredible and fills me u n stanly. The banana in this smoothie is used to in a sense fill you up and stop you from snacking and over eating essentially stopping that chocolate bar or packet of crisp from taking over your body. If you don't like peach or passion fruit then change it up, change them for strawberries or blueberries or anything fruity.

I'm not saying to have a smoothie every time you want a snack but I like to have one between breakfast and dinner, considering I'm a late lunch eater it fills me right up until I have time for my lunch. If you fancy them to be a little smoother or less bulky then add some fresh orange juice or any fresh fruit juice that tickles your fancy.

This is the first step to helping detox and clean out my body. The goodness in the fruit will also help to cleanse and clear out any impurities from my skin, helps to reduce skin redness, helps to prevent spots, gets rid of blackheads, all the acid in the fruit will eventually turn my skin beautiful, along with a few other things. So in a sense as the title of this post says, I am eating myself beautiful!

If you have any tips of tricks then please let me know.

Love sophie

Friday, 22 March 2013

Mini Boots Haul

Big Bang Apocalips|Wake Me Up Foundation| Lash Accelerator Mascara

Hello to all my blogging readers, if you've stayed with my blog then i'd like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Today's post will be a review well more of a little haul of what i've bought this week. Its not much but I thought i'd do a post and show you anyways. Limited myself and only bought 3 makeup/beauty items and 2 items of clothing.. saving myself for my shopping spree next week.

Boots: So i am a boots addict, i would shop in here everyday in fact i used to when i used to work near a boots even if its for dinner or for makeup they have everything!

So I finally jumped on the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer bandwagon and purchased one of them in the shad 400 Big Bang. This shade is a vibrant red colour very similar to this shade that Kim Kardashian was pictured wearing. I love the red glossy lip look, and this does just that, the glossy side staying for a while before eventually turning to a matte colour on the lips. But, Hey there's nothing wrong with adding a bit of your own gloss to get the glamorous look. This retailed for £5.99 but came under the 3 for 2 offer so was technically my freebie of the day.
Kim Kardashian
The next thing I purchased was a 5th bottle of my all time favourite foundation Rimmel Wake Me Up in the shade 100 Ivory. As mentioned in a previous post found here. This foundation is my all time favourite, i use it every season and almost every day of the year. I like to change my shades from 110 True ivory to 100 Ivory when the weathers warming up a bit more to lighten the colour of my skin, as i find it easy to contour and highlight with a lighter foundation. I love this product so much. This retails for around £8.99 but if you catch it at asda at the moment its only £5 everything Rimmel is under £5 how frickin good is that?

The last product I bought was the Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara I've heard many good raves and reviews about this product. Especially about the fibers in this mascara that enhance your lashes and in effect 'add extra hairs' to your lashes making them look fuller and longer. Im really into the applicator of this mascara, im quite a huge fan of plastic applicators especially for creating length and definition too my lashes and this one does just that. I've only tested it twice at the moment as I have quite a few mascaras that im already using at the moment, but I can't wait to give this one a proper whirl.

Do you have any favourite Rimmel products? Or any new products you've tried lately and think they live up to their hype?

Much Love Sophie

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Top 5 Holy Grail Products

Hey all, so I thought i'd do a post on my top 5 favourite make up products. Products which i basically could not live without. I use them all the time, and on some have had to repurchase them more than once (cheeky). Anyway for those of you who are not familiar with the term 'Holy Grail' it basically means you could not live without it, you turn to it every time  and you are completely in love with it. Exactly how i feel about these 5 products, nothing else comes close. So before i continue to keep rambling lets start.

1. Rimmel - Wake me Up Foundation (100 Ivory): OK so this is my all time favourite foundation, I know its a drugstore brand but hands down this beats anything, even dare I say it my YSL touche eclat foundation. This is the perfect coverage and colour for my skin, its a build-able coverage but on its own its a medium coverage. However, Rimmel don't have a large skin shade selection and there selection is a bit on the lighter side, this shade is perfect for anyone like me with pale skin, even though i have freckles. My skin is as you probably know a medium combination type but I do occasionally get some dry patches, this foundation works fine all the time. The radiant glow literally shimmers underneath the foundation, and it definietley does give you the WAKE UP coverage that your going to need early in the morning. This foundation can range from £5-£8.99 with offers on. I just picked up a back up yesterday and at the moment Rimmel products are on 3 for 2 so keep an eye out for my mini haul post which will be up soon.

Shade 100 Ivory
2. Mac Eyeshadow - Mystery: This is my all time go to eye shadow, this colour i originally bought as an eyebrow fill in shade however, found that I loved this a hell of a lot more in the crease of my eyes and blended with a lighter colour such as naked lunch from mac. I wear this shadow every single day and I am currently onto my second one! This is the perfect brown shade for my skin tone, it doesn't come out as dark as it looks in the pan, but the colour is most certainly build-able to create that shade. Thumbs up to Mac. This shade was around £10, i bought the depot-ted version to put in my mac palette.


3. Real Techniques - Stippling Brush: I do not know what i used to use before sam from pixiwoo brought out this brush. This is the most amazing brush on the planet, its so good for controversial usage. I use this from anything to foundation, to cream blush. Gives the most flawless coverage, and Im sure i've raved about this numerous of times on the blog but you can find out more information here. As i mention on that post I love this brush for blending and buffing my foundation into my skin. Will use this brush till the end of time, and need to purchase a back up in case this happens to go walk about with my sister!!

Stippling Brush

4. Benefit - Sun Beam: This product I bought on a bit of a whim, I was a newbie to the highlighting world and the woman at benefit practically sold this to me with her words of wisdom. Although, I did regret it for a while considering I bought this near Christmas and the weather as you know in England isn't that hot so the colour looked a bit dark on my skin but I LOVE THIS! I wear this almost every day now that I've found the right technique to using it. The colour is rather subtle but noticeable at the same time.You can check out my previous post about this product here but anyone who is new to the highlighting world I would recommend before purchasing any product that you test them out on your skin, sometimes certain ones look a bit to in your face and fake. This product retails for around £19. So it is a little bit pricey for a first timer.

Sun Beam

5. Maybelline - The Colossal Volum' Express Cat Eye Mascara: I bought this product again on a whim with a huge hype being made around this and the falsies i chose this one as im a leopard print fan and was instantly sold by the packaging. Im rather glad i chose this one as i bought the falsies a couple weeks after and found it rather disappointing however, I love this mascara, I love the shape of the wand and wear it every day im actually onto my 4th tube of this! Thats how much I love it, you can apply more coats to make them super volume of just a couple for a day to day look. Would recommend this mascara to absolutely everyone and anyone, I always get compliments especially on a night out, makes my lashes look extra extra long.

Cat Eyes

Well that's my top 5 go to products, what are your favourite products? and are any of our products the same?

Love Sophie

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint Review

Hellloooo my blogging friends, so today I decided to jump on the Gelly hi-shine bandwagon and bought 2 shades to just try out and see how I feel about them, before I commit to the whole range!!

The two colours i bought were Blueberry and Pomegranate, and they do live up to the hype. Im currently wearing Blueberry and love it. Im not really a pastel nail type of girl, because im rather pale skinned but its actually quite bright like a sky blue and 2 coats look fab. Great if your in a rush to just put one coat on but the 2nd coat definitely makes it a high shine polish. Its pretty safe to say that i prefer this polish to my Chanel ones, and im a Chanel type of girl. Well done Barry M. So i'll post some photos bellow so you can see how they look both in the bottle and on the nails and how well they live up to the colour. So far I've had Blueberry on for 4 days and there are no chips which is great. The more I wear it the more I feel like my nails look more professional. I do get my nails done, and have acrylics on but its nice to have a break, and a cheaper option and this polish reminds me a little bit of shellac nails.

These cost £6 for 2 but £3.99 each. This is a deal at superdrugs, but im also sure its the same deal in boots. I am 100% going to purchase more from this range, but im not sure which 2 next so any suggestions and any photos of the polish on would be great, link me to your blog/photos and ill chose my next 2.

Thanks for reading,



Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Shine on Award

So first of all i'd like to thank Megan for nominating me for this award. Lets get started here are the rules;

1. Link back to the person who nominated you. So this would be the lovely Megan. Thanks for nominating me Megan.

2. Answer the questions posted: So here goes im answering the questions...

- Favourite Drugstore product?
By far has to be the MaxFactor face finity all day flawless foundation. Check this out its a foundation, primer and concealer all in one. This product is a very high coverage foundation and therefore find it perfect for winter, were lets face it where i live in England is always cold, so it covers my rosey redness on my face. Love this product, and have previously done a post on it which you can find here. Im onto like my second or third bottle and its perfect coverage.

- Favourite Ice Cream Flavour?
Im a mint choc chip girl all the way, love the contrast between fresh mint and sweet chocolate. The most perfect taste ever, reminds me of my personality a lot! LOVE LOVE LOVE mint choc chip, especially on a hot day!

- Blusher or Eyeshadow?
Im an eye shadow person all the way, im drastic apply it every day just love my eyes popping with colour. Wear blush but don't really need to my cheeks are pretty rosey and pinky anyway so if i wear it i only wear a light colour.

- Favourite clothes shop?
You guessed it river island, i would spend my last penny in that shop. I live for their fashion style and even more so now that Rihanna has brought out a collection. Their always on trend and i don't find them too pricey either. Happy all year round.

- Are there any brands/products of makeup you have wanted for a while but been unable to justify the price?
Yes! I have wanted the naked 1 palette for like 3 years I just can't justify spending £30+ on it, whenever I go on holiday i always try and find it in duty free were its cheaper and they are always gone! I don't know what it is i have practically every shadow that's in it in other palettes but its just the idea of having the naked palette that makes me want it! Damn you urban decay for being so pricey.

3: Nominate bloggers who shine a light on you: 
ok so im going to nominate 4 bloggers who are linked below, i love their blogs and you should definitely check them out!!

4: Place some questions for your nominees:

1. What is you all time favorite make up brand?
2. Where is your favourite place to go on holiday?
3. If money wasn't an option what would be the first thing you bought and why?
4. Your favourite singer/band?
5. How many lip products do you own and what are your favourites? Why?

love sophie 


Coffee shop time

Hey all bit of a random post but I'm sat in costa coffee drinking my wonderful vanilla latte extra hot of course but I'm fed up of drinking the same drink. Anybody got any new recommendations, something that's not too coffee like an espresso but something that has a bit of a kick.

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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Revlon bargain!!

Hey guys, just thought I'd do a quick post on 2 Revlon products I picked up earlier tis week. I've never really been loyal to one make-up brand and love to try new things and one thing I have never tried are any of the Revlon nail polishes or lipsticks bearing that in mind I picked up one of each.

Near we're I live we have a little beauty stall that sells high street and high end make up brands for really discounted prices, these products are all real however they may be last season or colours that didn't really sell well. I always seem to find a real good bargain whether that be a pair of tweezerman tweezers for £2 or Elizabeth Arden 8 hour night cream for £5 I love it.

So I noticed they had quite a few Revlon nail polishes on the shelf and this bright coral pinky orange colour caught my attention immediately. These nail enamels retail for about £6.50 in both boots and superdrug and I was ecstatic when I seen these priced at just £1.50. Because I put myself on a beauty ban I only bought one but regret that so much, I'm going to go buy more so the colour which I bought was 'Tropical Temptation' which is absolutely gorgeous. I've had it on for 3 days now and find that there are no chips and that 2 coats sits perfect on my nails. Thumbs up from me Revlon. Excuse the state of my nails i polished on the to after removing acrylics so my nails aren't as healthy and are rather stained underneath.

The second thing I purchased from this store was Revlon colour burst lipstick in crimson. I'm a red lipstick kind of girl and love anything that's red toned whether it be dark or light. Recently I posted that I'd just bought mac brick-o-la and I love it, this crimson colour is a shade brighter, not much difference but it has the same kind of consistency. Unlike brick-o-la crimson doesn't stain my lips which is a bonus. It's very pigmented and creamy and on my lipstick rating scale it gets a 4/5 nice one Revlon will definitely be purchasing some more of these. These retail in the drugstore for around £8. The packaging is gorgeous and just like the Tom ford lipsticks has the brand name printed on the actual product. Very high end and classy Revlon. I paid £0.50 for this lipstick and I am very very very impressed!! If you have tried any others then let me know what you think about the formula on your lips.

Finally, this product technically was a bargain because it was practically free. I had £30 worth of boots points and was saving them up for a time when I fancied a beauty splurge however, I was at the fragrance counter and spotted my all time favourite perfume 'Loverdose' by Diesel. This is my holy grail fragrance I just can't get enough of the sweet smelling liquorice sambucca scent and wish I permanently smelt just like it. So the offer was a 50ml bottle for £29.99 reduced from £49.99 so with my boots points I snapped it up for free and was really impressed with myself. Worn it everyday and I still get compliments off people, I've been wearing it for about 2 years and I love this smell!!
What's your favourite perfume? And does it remind you of anything?

Thanks for reading if you have any questions then tweet me @ohsogagasm94 or check out my Instagram for more photos search tequilasunrisex.

Please feel free to leave any comments.

Much love

Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted in a while been super busy with work again!
I just thought I'd o a post and show you some bags I've made for friends and family. I started these just over 3 years ago and think there so great for taking to the beach. Only just started doing these again and actually selling them to people! These photos aren't of the best bags but of the first 3 I made, promise I've got better ha! Will show you some more when I've finished the next batch if your interested. Here they are;

Thanks for reading,