Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Shine on Award

So first of all i'd like to thank Megan for nominating me for this award. Lets get started here are the rules;

1. Link back to the person who nominated you. So this would be the lovely Megan. Thanks for nominating me Megan.

2. Answer the questions posted: So here goes im answering the questions...

- Favourite Drugstore product?
By far has to be the MaxFactor face finity all day flawless foundation. Check this out its a foundation, primer and concealer all in one. This product is a very high coverage foundation and therefore find it perfect for winter, were lets face it where i live in England is always cold, so it covers my rosey redness on my face. Love this product, and have previously done a post on it which you can find here. Im onto like my second or third bottle and its perfect coverage.

- Favourite Ice Cream Flavour?
Im a mint choc chip girl all the way, love the contrast between fresh mint and sweet chocolate. The most perfect taste ever, reminds me of my personality a lot! LOVE LOVE LOVE mint choc chip, especially on a hot day!

- Blusher or Eyeshadow?
Im an eye shadow person all the way, im drastic apply it every day just love my eyes popping with colour. Wear blush but don't really need to my cheeks are pretty rosey and pinky anyway so if i wear it i only wear a light colour.

- Favourite clothes shop?
You guessed it river island, i would spend my last penny in that shop. I live for their fashion style and even more so now that Rihanna has brought out a collection. Their always on trend and i don't find them too pricey either. Happy all year round.

- Are there any brands/products of makeup you have wanted for a while but been unable to justify the price?
Yes! I have wanted the naked 1 palette for like 3 years I just can't justify spending £30+ on it, whenever I go on holiday i always try and find it in duty free were its cheaper and they are always gone! I don't know what it is i have practically every shadow that's in it in other palettes but its just the idea of having the naked palette that makes me want it! Damn you urban decay for being so pricey.

3: Nominate bloggers who shine a light on you: 
ok so im going to nominate 4 bloggers who are linked below, i love their blogs and you should definitely check them out!!

4: Place some questions for your nominees:

1. What is you all time favorite make up brand?
2. Where is your favourite place to go on holiday?
3. If money wasn't an option what would be the first thing you bought and why?
4. Your favourite singer/band?
5. How many lip products do you own and what are your favourites? Why?

love sophie 



  1. Thank you so much! :) This is such a fun idea! I'm excited to fill this out!

  2. Very lovely blog!! New follower here, you can check out my blog and follow back if you wish(: