Thursday, 22 May 2014

OOTD: Purple, Floral prints and Michael Kors

Hey guys, I feel like I havent been on in a while... its been 2 months. Ive been so busy with university and moving and stuff. But now I am back, back for the summer with an outfit of the day.

The sun was shining so idecided to pull out my sunglasses, my favourite boots and of course a dior lipstick and enjoyed the sun with my friends.

Sunglasses - Michael Kors £99 | Cami - Dorothy Perkins £12 |
Pants - H&M £28 | Cut out Boots - River Island £45

Thursday, 15 May 2014

My Hair Story - Present

Hi guys, so currently I am transforming my hair... pretty drastically may I add.

My hair is naturally light brown, well strawberry blonde, and I dye my hair dark brown. I have done ever since I was about 12, because I was teased in school the usual "ginger" taunts. This is something I deeply regret doing, as my hair when it grows through at the roots is not the same colour it used to be, but hey our hair changes with age. My hair used to be naturally curly, tight curls which then dropped with the amount of times I used heat tools on my hair, and now it has a very loose wave in the ends.

So my family and friends, know me as a person whose a fan of the dark brown hair dye bottle.
I have made some crazy decisions regarding my hair in the past couple of years and I am going to show you some of them.

So in 2010 I decided to chop my hair off completely. Those who know me, know that I am not a fan of the hairdresser's scissors because of a this bad hair mistake I made a couple of years ago, when I decided I wanted my hair chopping to my ears!! Cringe

May 2010

Skipping forward to 2013..Last year, I then decided to dip dye my hair when the trend was in, So it was dark at the roots and a golden brown on the ends, this was something I quickly regretted because of the state and condition it left my hair in.

Here is a photo of my dip dyed locks...

After the dip dye completely ruined my hair, I decided to go back to the dark brown and had the chop. Yes a couple of inches to remove most of the dip dye from my hair.
Back to the aftermath of the dip dye, I then decided Last July (2013) that I wanted a couple of highlights put through my hair to lighten it for the summer... These highlights were more light brown and caramel toned. Something which in time lightened my hair through the sunshine, and put my hair back into good condition.

Marbella - August 2013
Although, come the end of November (2013) I then decided I wanted to go back dark! I change my hair more than I change my underwear... No i am joking. But I do like to switch it up quite a bit. So I did quite well in all I lasted Dark brown until March 2014... that is long for me I mean 5 months and only a couple of root touch ups, Dare I say I praised myself.
Christmas 2013
But wait for it, Yes after watching the process of Khloe Kardashian and her sisters, Kylie and Kim change their hair repeatedly from dark to blonde, I decided I wanted a slice of the Kardashian lifestyle and changed my hair.
I do not recommend this transformation to be done yourself at home, as you will witness photos of how my hair went. Because I literally decided one Saturday that I wanted to lighten my extremely dark brown hair to a more golden toned blonde, I took myself off to Boots and bought some box dyes. I purchased the 2 L'oreal Ombre Kits numbers 1 and number 2 mixed them both and took to attacking my hair. Trying to create the whole dark roots and golden locks I brushed it from mid quarter of my roots... and let me tell you this is what I would of called a disaster.

I would never recommend trying to recreate this hairstyle from home, unless you are a trained hairdresser!
Khloe Kardashian

So anyway, after the whole ginger situation which looked like this...

I then decided to bite the bullet and contact my hairdresser to sort out my mess! What a joy when she told me she could fit me in the following day. Because my hair was so badly damaged through the 2 box dyes, and it was a golden orange colour she could not get my hair as light as I wanted. But instead put through a dark matte brown shade on my roots, and extra blonde toner through parts of the length to create the dark to light contrast.

This is how my hair looks at the moment; darker on top and lighter towards the ends.

However, I am booked to go back to the hairdressers in 4 weeks time to have the white blonde put through the ends, and therefore will have achieved my desired hair.. fingers crossed. I will keep you updated with my hair progress soon.