Friday, 30 November 2012

Soap & Glory new buys!!!

Hey all, sorry I've been lacking on posts I'm snowed under by university work but today I took a break becauese its my mums birthday so the pair of us went shopping :) safe to say I hit boots and treated myself well to some luxury soap and glory products.
Sugar crush, foam call, the scrub of your life.

I have previously used the sugar crush body scrub and I love it! It makes my skin feel great. I've tried other body scrubs including body shop scrubs, lush scrubs and cheap high street scrubs but nothing compares to this soap and glory sugar crush body scrub. The smell is divine, brown sugar, sweet lime, almond oil and macadamia grains! It's not just me that loves it, my boyfriend loves it too. Definitely a must try if your a scrub type of person. This was from boots and was £8 which is reasonable for a decent scrub!

The second product I bought was 'foam call', a shower/bath body wash lotion. I've never tried this before and I was really pleasantly surprised at how great it smelt! The smell seemed to stay on my skin for ages, even after the bath. Its great as its for both bath and shower, and to mention again the smell is divine. It contains; Frozen yuzu, Orange oil, Green fig and jungle pomeo essence.
yummy!!! I can not mention enough how much I love this product, and to say i have only tried it a handful of times surely is a good thing! Not to mention the pump top of the lotion, so much better than a screw top or a cap who needs fiddly things when their relaxing in the shower/bath.
You can get hold of this product here;

So the third and final thing I bought from soap and glory this time round was 'The Scrub of your life' now i know I already picked up the sugar crush body scrub but i smelt this scrub and thought it was to die for! It smelt so sweet and just like me in general, although i did aim to pick up a moisturizer and instead ended up with this im still happy. Who can't be happy with Soap and Glory products? So this scrub contains;
bergamot, mandarin, rose, jasmine, peach, strawberry, oakmoss, amber, woody notes and warm vanilla!
Wow thats quite a lot of scents going on, but when there mixed together its an incredible smell! Definitely recommend this product. If your not too sure about the 200ml bottle to start off with they do it in a nifty 50ml travel size bottle for only £2.50!!!
You can buy the full size bottle here;

So that was it for my Soap and Glory purchases this month, but I will sure be trying some new things coming up to christmas and into the new year.. Have fun smelling the goodness!

Love Sophie

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Winter Wonderland

Hey Everyone :)

Im feeling rather festive at the moment, although I know its only November but I thought I'd crack on with some festive ideas. There is nothing more that I like than experimenting with different eye colours when the seasons come, a good old faithful low down look isn't something I go for if im venturing out, and especially with there being lots of Christmas parties, outings and events I thought I'd put up a few designs for a few different looks if anyone is struggling for some inspiration. The first of this series is the typical 'Winter Wonderland' mainly consisting of blues and shimmery colours. I don't normally team blue on my eyes because my eyes are blue but I thought it would look quite well on some of you! So heres how its done;

(1) First things first, a good primer should be patted onto the lids to help the products last all night, if you don't own a primer then dab a bit of extra foundation onto the lids to give the products something to stick too.
(2) Use a blue base coat, I used a royal blue colour well to be precise GOSH Eyeshadow in 282, you can buy this colour from superdrugs. Liberally apply this over the eyelid itself, don't worry about any staggering lines these can be sorted.
(3) Use a darker blue more of a navy or even a black eyeshadow, dampen the applicating brush and sweep from the inside of your eyelid to the outer corner, just above the lash line creating almost an eyeliner look. Use your finger to smudge this darker colour into the lighter blue used to cover the lid.
(4) Take a smudge brush or a blending brush and a lighter eyeshadow colour like a pearl or champagne white. Ive used a Mac Dust in the shade Vanilla to blend from the finish line of the first applicated eyeshadow to just below your eyebrows to add a wider eye effect, and to soften out the edges of the blue and any staggering lines.
(5) If desired take a blue colour glitter again either a dust or a creme glitter and cover the whole lid just before the blending starts to give a glittery winter effect. I chose to use a creme glitter a simple one from Claires Accessories. You can then if you desire to smudge this glitter in with the glitter colour that was used to blend.
(6) For the bottom eye line take a pearly blue coloured eyeliner, Ive used a Fearne cotton eyeliner in the shade 'Shimmery Teal' and fill in below your lash line, to bring the look together. Or if not use the royal blue eyeshadow teamed with the shimmer colour to create a flick under the eye.
(7) Finally use a Mascara to make your eyes POP! to be more daring use a white or a blue mascara, but if your not that extreme like me just use a simple black. I used Maybelline The Colossal Volume Express for both bottom and top lashes.

There you have it your finished Winter Wonderland Look! Looks great teamed with this winter festivities!

Keep looking out for the second in the series to appear.. wonder what it shall be? If anybody has any requests then please contact me at

Thanks for reading


Latest Purchases

Hey all, So I know I didn't manage to stick to my promise of a post a day. Typical me, University works been quite stressful plus working as well takes up to much time. But I do have some time today to write a few posts.

(1)So the first thing isn't a beauty product but something I absolutely love, and the girl herself is a beaut! Taylor Swifts new Album 'Red' Is brilliant, I could honestly listen to it all day, her music is so appealing and she is very talented. My favourite track to listen to at the moment is 'I knew you were trouble' Its brilliant!! So catchy.
Such a good album!

(2) The second thing I've recently bought is a pair of boots. Im not really a boot type of person, but in all fairness my feet have been getting rather chilly and considering Winter is creeping up on us I thought I'd buy a pair. I picked up these;
£18 Size 7 Primark

They were only cheap because I wasn't too keen on a pair to be precise they were £18 although i've had my eye on a pair of Topshop ones so im just breaking these in to see what I think. The studs on them are quite nice and thats one of the main reasons why they caught my eye. They do these boots in a range of colours including a brown/tan which is rather nice. I just went for basic black as they go with everything.

(3) So the third thing is a pair of baby pink print skinny jeans, Now this is definitely a thrifty bargain! These jeans cost £4!!!!!!!!!!! and there from Asda. Im not really a 'G21' girl but I saw these in the sale when casually walking past and went bonkers for them! Not to say lots of others did too. These are such a snug fit, and definitely a stand out in the crowd. I often team these with a black or white cami top, cardigan and a chunk necklace for a more relaxed look. I love these!

Thats all for this post guys, thanks for reading :)

Love Sophie


Thursday, 8 November 2012

Night Time Look

Hey Guys,
Second post of the day, as I'm not too sure I will be able to post tomorrow. Anyway this is a saved one I have from Wednesday 7th November from my venture out to see Skyfall. I thought I'd do myself up a little bit and post a few photos of my makeup and outfit.

So to start off with my makeup I used the following;

L-R Foundation, Eyelashes, Lip Stain

(1) Maybelline New York Super Stay 24Hr SPF 19 Foundation in shade 010 Ivory. This foundation for me I find is perfect, I can wear this foundation all day as its Non Transferable, Sweat and Heat resistant so is good for working or university where Im travelling around all day. I also find this foundation highly cover-able and therefore don't find myself applying layers and layers creating a cake face. I love this foundation and definitely recommend this to anyone who is like myself and find it hard to find your shade to match your skin tone.

(2) Eylure Katy Perry Lashes in the style Oh, Honey! I LOVE THESE LASHES! There just beautiful and make my eyes pop, I have naturally long and thick lashes but when im venturing out at night I like to make them pop that bit extra. These lashes are so easy to put on, and instantly give my eyes ooomph! I have to say I do always use Eylure lashes but this was the first time I used Katy Perry Lashes, and I shall definitely be repurchasing these in other styles. Well Done Katyyyy P!

(3) Revlon Just Bitten Kissable in the Shade Lovesick/Passionee, My boyfriend bought me this as a cheer up Sophie present when I was ill in the summer and ever since then it is my go to lip colour for a good ol' night out! It smells like mint and I love it, not only that the stain is brilliant and I dont find myself re applying and re applying all night. Ok it does ware off a little but every lip product does. Love this, and in Comparison to the Clinique Chubby Sticks I find this a great deal similar, Its almost as If im using a crayon to colour my lips feel like a big kid and I love it!!!

On to the outfit, So I decided to team a pair of washed out skinny jeans with a cargo army shirt with gold studs! This shirt was new and I was a bit reluctant as to whether or not I should return it. Im not really a vest shirt type of person and definitely not a huge army print fan anyway I wore them and thought they looked alright, your open to judge I dont personally think Im a fashionista!

The jeans are from New Look and I think they RRP at £27.99, Shirt was a Primark Bargain that RRP's at £6-8 Can't exactly remember, but I know it wasn't anymore than £8 :)

Went for a simple 50's style hair doe, call me old fashioned!

Thanks for reading :)

Lots of Love


Nails Inc. London & Glamour Magazine

Hey Guys,

So im a huge magazine buff, I love glamour, company, elle, look and cosmopolitan! I just love a good fashion flick through this years hot trends, the freebies arent so bad aswell!

Especially in the December edition of Glamour, the wonderful Cheryl Cole graced the cover and 4 shades of Nails Inc polishes were distributed. I decided to pick the one with a dark colour considering its coming into winter, now I have been meaning to try a Nails Inc polish for a while just haven't got round to purchasing one so i was extremely delighted with this freebie. I chose a dark bluey black colour called Motcomb Street, and I have to say I had a few pre feelings to applying, I thought oh it's going to take a couple of coats because it will look washed out, I have to say the polish proved me wrong, all I needed was a clear basecoat and one coat of this! BRILLIANT I hate sitting around re coating so they don't chip. Now I only put this polish on an hour ago, so Im just waiting to see if there are any cracks or chips, hopefully not!

All in all i love this polish, i love that it was free, i love that it let me trial the company before me purchasing one as they are a bit high priced £11 this colour RRP's at, you can purchase it here;

I shall post some photos both tonight and tomorrow, and do another update to let you know how i find it.
Thanks Glamour :)

Motcomb Street

December 2012 Glamour

and thanks for reading,


Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Second post of the day, you guys are lucky! Ha this is just an update, if you can't already tell then the blogs had a makeover, let me know what you guys think, and if anything needs changing ?



7th November's Update Post

Hey guys, so I promised a post a day leading up till Christmas, at the moment I have to say I'm doing quite well on the promise :)

This post is just a basic update of whats happened this week and whats set to come in the build up to Christmas. Last night I went to watch Skyfall (The new James Bond film) with the family. We very rarely go to the cinema all together, so it was a nice change. The film is excellent if you've not seen it you should definitely check it out!

Yesterday I also purchased tickets for the Key 103 Jingle Ball 2012! So if any of you are going then let me know!!! I can not wait, I mainly bought these because I couldn't get tickets to the Capital Jingle Bell Ball and was gutted, as they were supposed to be for my sisters Christmas present from me, Oh well the acts look good this year at Key 103!! Flo Rida, Leona Lewis, JLS, Lawson, Labrinth, Mcfly, LittleMix, Stooshe & Tulisa I actually can not wait!

If anyone is interested then you can check it out here;

For the rest of the week I'm just having a break, some relax time to myself well until Friday when im back at University and then Work yet again! Lifes such a drag when your at this stage of education but I love it!

Anyway if anybody has any questions or anything, then feel free to contact me via here or email @

Trying out some Intense lips & Eyes :)



Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Mac Goodies

Hi again all, I've just uploaded a post on make-up storage, and there were a few new additions made over the past couple of weeks, so thought i'd do a review on the mac section.

I recently purchased my first Mineralize Skin finish in the shade 'Lightscapade' This cost £21.50 and can be found here:

The skin finish as quoted from Mac is a 'soft candlelit beige with multidimensional shimmer' and this is exactly what it is! The colour is beautiful it carries a faint blue line throughout the skinfinish almost like a vein.
Lightscapade Close Up

Swatch - Shimmer of the skinfinish

Overall I love this skinfinish, it definitely adds a highlight on the tops of my cheeks when applied and makes my face feel shimmery and glamorous. Will be purchasing more!!!!!

The next new Mac addition is a Lipstick from my mum :) my family went on holiday a couple of weeks ago, and purchased me a Lipstick I've been after for a while from Duty Free as where I live it always seems to be sold out! Originally she went for 2 Up the Amp and Rebel, but surprise surprise Rebel was sold out, so I only got the one.
Anyway this lipstick can be found here;

This lipstick is a vibrant purple or 'Lavender Violet' this colour always seems to fit its way into my daily outfits, the colour just fits perfect with the Autumn season and especially my personality :)

Up The Amp (Mac Shot)
Up The Amp Lipstick 

Up The Amp Swatch

Thanks for reading, if there are any requests then please let me know :)



Make-up Storage

Hi all, so I thought I'd do a post on make up storage, seen a few people do this so jumped on the bandwagon. Up until about a month ago I used to store my make up n multiple boxes and bags, but it was always so hard to find the exact thing I needed, forgetting which bag it was in and then it taking time to look through the bags and boxes etc... Boring! But then my friend Amy introduced me to Muji storage, we were just hanging about in her room and then I spotted it, I'd seen Kim Kardashian and others use it but always thought because of my room and the space it wouldn't fit. I was WRONG so the next day I popped into the Muji store in selfridges and purchased a 2 draw flip lid acrylic set.

I've chosen to fit all my daily products and favourite bits and pieces in this set:
Acrylic Muji Storage 2 Draw Flip

In the top draw i keep mainly my facial products such as foundation, eyebrows, powder and my every day mascaras. At the moment Im using Mac Mineralized Skin Finish in Lightscapade, Bourjois foundation (mousse) and bourjois finishing powder. I have an eyeshadow palette which i use for my brows, a lip balm, a mac paint pot, a mac prep and prime tester, 2 brushes; and angled brow brush and an applicator for eye shadows  I also keep my 2 everyday mascaras in the top draw and these are Max Factor False Lash Effect and NYC Big Lashes.

Here's a close up photo of the top draw, if anybody wants me to go into detail about the makeup I keep in this area then please let me know and I shall do a post :D

Top Flip Draw

Ok so the second draw mainly contains my lip colours, a few eyeshadow palettes, extra mascaras and other bits and pieces. In more detail the second draw contains;
Bourjois Blush, Bourjois eyeshadow, Soap and Glory shadow, Fearne Cotton Eye palette, random eye palette, Maybeline black liner, Mac Eyeliner, Rimmer feline Mascara, Fearn Cotton mascara, max factor false lashes mascara, Revlon lip stain, a couple of chunky eye pencils by Fearne Cotton, L'oreal lip glosses, avon lipstick, mac lipsticks and a random number 17 lipstick.

Bottom Draw

Again as mentioned above if anybody wants me to go into detail on my extra makeup storage, or the makeup mentioned in this post then please let me know. One last picture of the Muji Storage;

Thanks For reading,



Monday, 5 November 2012

Happy 5th November Bonfire Night

Because bonfire night this year is on Monday the 5th November my parents friends decided to have their own little bonfire on the Saturday just gone. Well I say little but the fire was huge. So basically their in the middle of building their own estate and had lots of wood and stuff left over so they decided to have a get together like a celebratory party of the building of their houses. I took the other half and we took a few photos. Overall it was a great night :) fireworks were brilliant, the weather was perfect and the fire kept us warm all night.

Marc and me :)


Bonfire 2 :)

Such a good night 

Keep your eyes open for a new post :) beauty products of the season fall.



Sunday, 4 November 2012


My mum, dad and sister finally got back off holiday! What seems like forever has actually only been 2 weeks. But thank god their home, and their baring gifts for all.
My mum knows im a huge lady gaga fan, and she treated me to a 100ml of her Fame perfume, and a new mac lipstick! Perfect, Up the Amp my favourite one. I also got a divine Owl necklace, and I love all the gifts.

Oh I also got a new tattoo :D picture to follow, im pretty busy at university this week but will try to post when I can.
On Friday 26th Me, the other half, his brother and his girlfriend went to a Freaky Friday night in a haunted pub not far from ours, the pub was built in the 1800's and I can honestly say it spooked me. I shall do a whole post which will be published on Halloween about the tour and my Halloween festivities but I shall post a couple of photos on this post from the night!

Thanks for reading

Love Sophie

Marc being himself on Friday Night
Halloween Fright Night

Me and The Boyfriend Night Out