Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Make-up Storage

Hi all, so I thought I'd do a post on make up storage, seen a few people do this so jumped on the bandwagon. Up until about a month ago I used to store my make up n multiple boxes and bags, but it was always so hard to find the exact thing I needed, forgetting which bag it was in and then it taking time to look through the bags and boxes etc... Boring! But then my friend Amy introduced me to Muji storage, we were just hanging about in her room and then I spotted it, I'd seen Kim Kardashian and others use it but always thought because of my room and the space it wouldn't fit. I was WRONG so the next day I popped into the Muji store in selfridges and purchased a 2 draw flip lid acrylic set.

I've chosen to fit all my daily products and favourite bits and pieces in this set:
Acrylic Muji Storage 2 Draw Flip

In the top draw i keep mainly my facial products such as foundation, eyebrows, powder and my every day mascaras. At the moment Im using Mac Mineralized Skin Finish in Lightscapade, Bourjois foundation (mousse) and bourjois finishing powder. I have an eyeshadow palette which i use for my brows, a lip balm, a mac paint pot, a mac prep and prime tester, 2 brushes; and angled brow brush and an applicator for eye shadows  I also keep my 2 everyday mascaras in the top draw and these are Max Factor False Lash Effect and NYC Big Lashes.

Here's a close up photo of the top draw, if anybody wants me to go into detail about the makeup I keep in this area then please let me know and I shall do a post :D

Top Flip Draw

Ok so the second draw mainly contains my lip colours, a few eyeshadow palettes, extra mascaras and other bits and pieces. In more detail the second draw contains;
Bourjois Blush, Bourjois eyeshadow, Soap and Glory shadow, Fearne Cotton Eye palette, random eye palette, Maybeline black liner, Mac Eyeliner, Rimmer feline Mascara, Fearn Cotton mascara, max factor false lashes mascara, Revlon lip stain, a couple of chunky eye pencils by Fearne Cotton, L'oreal lip glosses, avon lipstick, mac lipsticks and a random number 17 lipstick.

Bottom Draw

Again as mentioned above if anybody wants me to go into detail on my extra makeup storage, or the makeup mentioned in this post then please let me know. One last picture of the Muji Storage;

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