Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Winter Wonderland

Hey Everyone :)

Im feeling rather festive at the moment, although I know its only November but I thought I'd crack on with some festive ideas. There is nothing more that I like than experimenting with different eye colours when the seasons come, a good old faithful low down look isn't something I go for if im venturing out, and especially with there being lots of Christmas parties, outings and events I thought I'd put up a few designs for a few different looks if anyone is struggling for some inspiration. The first of this series is the typical 'Winter Wonderland' mainly consisting of blues and shimmery colours. I don't normally team blue on my eyes because my eyes are blue but I thought it would look quite well on some of you! So heres how its done;

(1) First things first, a good primer should be patted onto the lids to help the products last all night, if you don't own a primer then dab a bit of extra foundation onto the lids to give the products something to stick too.
(2) Use a blue base coat, I used a royal blue colour well to be precise GOSH Eyeshadow in 282, you can buy this colour from superdrugs. Liberally apply this over the eyelid itself, don't worry about any staggering lines these can be sorted.
(3) Use a darker blue more of a navy or even a black eyeshadow, dampen the applicating brush and sweep from the inside of your eyelid to the outer corner, just above the lash line creating almost an eyeliner look. Use your finger to smudge this darker colour into the lighter blue used to cover the lid.
(4) Take a smudge brush or a blending brush and a lighter eyeshadow colour like a pearl or champagne white. Ive used a Mac Dust in the shade Vanilla to blend from the finish line of the first applicated eyeshadow to just below your eyebrows to add a wider eye effect, and to soften out the edges of the blue and any staggering lines.
(5) If desired take a blue colour glitter again either a dust or a creme glitter and cover the whole lid just before the blending starts to give a glittery winter effect. I chose to use a creme glitter a simple one from Claires Accessories. You can then if you desire to smudge this glitter in with the glitter colour that was used to blend.
(6) For the bottom eye line take a pearly blue coloured eyeliner, Ive used a Fearne cotton eyeliner in the shade 'Shimmery Teal' and fill in below your lash line, to bring the look together. Or if not use the royal blue eyeshadow teamed with the shimmer colour to create a flick under the eye.
(7) Finally use a Mascara to make your eyes POP! to be more daring use a white or a blue mascara, but if your not that extreme like me just use a simple black. I used Maybelline The Colossal Volume Express for both bottom and top lashes.

There you have it your finished Winter Wonderland Look! Looks great teamed with this winter festivities!

Keep looking out for the second in the series to appear.. wonder what it shall be? If anybody has any requests then please contact me at

Thanks for reading


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