Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Latest Purchases

Hey all, So I know I didn't manage to stick to my promise of a post a day. Typical me, University works been quite stressful plus working as well takes up to much time. But I do have some time today to write a few posts.

(1)So the first thing isn't a beauty product but something I absolutely love, and the girl herself is a beaut! Taylor Swifts new Album 'Red' Is brilliant, I could honestly listen to it all day, her music is so appealing and she is very talented. My favourite track to listen to at the moment is 'I knew you were trouble' Its brilliant!! So catchy.
Such a good album!

(2) The second thing I've recently bought is a pair of boots. Im not really a boot type of person, but in all fairness my feet have been getting rather chilly and considering Winter is creeping up on us I thought I'd buy a pair. I picked up these;
£18 Size 7 Primark

They were only cheap because I wasn't too keen on a pair to be precise they were £18 although i've had my eye on a pair of Topshop ones so im just breaking these in to see what I think. The studs on them are quite nice and thats one of the main reasons why they caught my eye. They do these boots in a range of colours including a brown/tan which is rather nice. I just went for basic black as they go with everything.

(3) So the third thing is a pair of baby pink print skinny jeans, Now this is definitely a thrifty bargain! These jeans cost £4!!!!!!!!!!! and there from Asda. Im not really a 'G21' girl but I saw these in the sale when casually walking past and went bonkers for them! Not to say lots of others did too. These are such a snug fit, and definitely a stand out in the crowd. I often team these with a black or white cami top, cardigan and a chunk necklace for a more relaxed look. I love these!

Thats all for this post guys, thanks for reading :)

Love Sophie


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