Friday, 30 November 2012

Soap & Glory new buys!!!

Hey all, sorry I've been lacking on posts I'm snowed under by university work but today I took a break becauese its my mums birthday so the pair of us went shopping :) safe to say I hit boots and treated myself well to some luxury soap and glory products.
Sugar crush, foam call, the scrub of your life.

I have previously used the sugar crush body scrub and I love it! It makes my skin feel great. I've tried other body scrubs including body shop scrubs, lush scrubs and cheap high street scrubs but nothing compares to this soap and glory sugar crush body scrub. The smell is divine, brown sugar, sweet lime, almond oil and macadamia grains! It's not just me that loves it, my boyfriend loves it too. Definitely a must try if your a scrub type of person. This was from boots and was £8 which is reasonable for a decent scrub!

The second product I bought was 'foam call', a shower/bath body wash lotion. I've never tried this before and I was really pleasantly surprised at how great it smelt! The smell seemed to stay on my skin for ages, even after the bath. Its great as its for both bath and shower, and to mention again the smell is divine. It contains; Frozen yuzu, Orange oil, Green fig and jungle pomeo essence.
yummy!!! I can not mention enough how much I love this product, and to say i have only tried it a handful of times surely is a good thing! Not to mention the pump top of the lotion, so much better than a screw top or a cap who needs fiddly things when their relaxing in the shower/bath.
You can get hold of this product here;

So the third and final thing I bought from soap and glory this time round was 'The Scrub of your life' now i know I already picked up the sugar crush body scrub but i smelt this scrub and thought it was to die for! It smelt so sweet and just like me in general, although i did aim to pick up a moisturizer and instead ended up with this im still happy. Who can't be happy with Soap and Glory products? So this scrub contains;
bergamot, mandarin, rose, jasmine, peach, strawberry, oakmoss, amber, woody notes and warm vanilla!
Wow thats quite a lot of scents going on, but when there mixed together its an incredible smell! Definitely recommend this product. If your not too sure about the 200ml bottle to start off with they do it in a nifty 50ml travel size bottle for only £2.50!!!
You can buy the full size bottle here;

So that was it for my Soap and Glory purchases this month, but I will sure be trying some new things coming up to christmas and into the new year.. Have fun smelling the goodness!

Love Sophie

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