Tuesday, 11 December 2012

December Update

Hello my pretty people, as we all know its getting rather close to Christmas well infact Christmas is only 2 weeks away! Yay is everyone excited? Just thought I'd do an update because a couple of people have been messaging me and asking me what my favourite beauty products and hair products are. I thought this might be interesting to those of you who are near the younger end and are just starting off being interested in the beauty world as I like to call it. So this post will contain my beauty favourites, thought I'd break it up so I'm not overloading your pretty little heads :)

I'm going to start off with my favourite beauty products, I have quite a few so I've decided just to chose my top 5 which are most definitely my faveeeeessss!!!

(1) Max Factor 3in1 foundation in the shade 45 warm almond, I only discovered this foundation just over 3 months ago, but the shade is perfect, I'm quite pale and struggle to find a high street foundation that blends in and covers my skin quite flawlessly but this does the job perfectly and I really would recommend it to anyone who struggles to find their shade. The woman in boots was really helpful in testing out the lighter colours on my skin and finding the perfect one. Also bonus it's £12 which is really cheap for a foundation like this, which is also a combined primer!!!

(2) Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in the shade Lightscapade is another all time favourite. This finish takes the shine out of my face and dulls down the light shines from an SPF foundation. It's shimmer is to-die for, it's so pigmented and I know that I rave on about it quite a lot but I absolutely love love love this product. The multi-dimensional tones mixed with the beige base compliment my skin complexion so much, even though the product is quite light it works well with my foundation. Recommended to anybody starting out with mac products and wanting to experience something not so heavy!!

(3) So I used to be a huge Benefit fan and then I started to switch up brands and use ore cheaper brands as benefit is quite expensive but I have to admit that one of my all time favourite products comes from this brand and is... Sun Beam one of benefits top highlighters. I bought this product mainly for my holiday to give my skin a more glowy bronze finish and find myself wearing it most days especially on nights out and special occasions.. For ever in my handbag I love it super duper more than any other highlighter I've ever come across. Although it is quite pricey for a small bottle of sacred gold liquid (RRP: £18.50) I normally wait for the Debenhams 10% beauty sale to come around to repurchase mine and it is on at the moment so definitely checkit out!


(4) Maybelline volum' express colossal cat eyes is my all time go to mascara, I can wear this during the day and can top up at night to make my lashes pop! Perfect multi use mascara which is forever in my makeup kit don't think I've come across anything as multi functional as this especially by a hgh street brand. This product is reasonably priced as well just under £8 and is an even bigger bargain when 3for2 offers are on at superdrug.

(5) Mac lipstick shade 'Up The Amp' is my ALL TIME FAVOURITE LIPSTICK I'm not even joking I wear this colour all year round, I don't really tend to chose a shade for a season just whichever makes me happy and this colour sure does that. It's vibrant and bright and everytime I wear it I receive comments from people telling me how much I suite it and how well it compliments my skin and the rest of my makeup therefore I love it and I'm completely happy with is, so won't be changing colour soon! Also respectable price this was £12 from the airport but retails for £14 in the shops.

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