Sunday, 16 December 2012

Hello my little snowflakes

So Christmas is approaching us very quickly this year, well I seem to think so anyway! I've come to the decision that Sophie's beauty room, yes me! I shall be joining the YouTube scene! How exciting? Well it certainly is for me. I've always wanted to share my thoughts on make up and beauty/fashion related things with the world but never really had the confidence. However this year I've realised that if I want to do something then I should try my best to achieve it and therefore I've finally decided to aim to be a beaut vlogger! I'm so excited, Some people may think badly of me for trying but I don't want to be anything huge, I just think that if I can share my knowledge and experience of products wether there good or bad then people should deserve the opportunity to read them but also to experience my life and actually watch them :) therefore I will be uploading my 1st video tomorrow and I'm looking forward to sharing my thankfulness of the people that read my blog on my youtube channel. I appreciate all of you so much, just for reading and therefore I shall be doing a give away just for my blog subscribers and readers... So keep your eyes peeled...

Thanks, love sophie


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