Sunday, 16 December 2012

Look what happened!!!

Hello again my beautiful readers, I know that I've been neglecting the blog quite a lot over these past couple of months and I'm feeling really bad so I thought tonight I'd do a few posts relating to things which have happened in Sophie's world over the past couple of weeks.
This post is just a general post letting you know that at last I passed my driving test! Go me! Hopefully will be on the road just after Christmas, but crikeyyyy isn't insurance expensive! If anybody is in the same situation as me.. Young driver, just passed test, looking for a car, then please get in touch and we can exchange ideas and tips on insurance and cars and basic driving stuff, that might be boring to some of you but I would love to know what insurance is best things like that etc..

Another thing is that this year will be mine & Marc's first Christmas and i am so looking forward to it, as his parents go out of the country at Christmas it means he's joining my family and they love him so much, I just know its going to be great I can not wait!!

So moving on to more beauty related things tonight I've got a few posts going live on products I've bought and tested and an empties post, which mainly consists of products I've tried and finished and what I think of them so please stay tuned for that..
This is starting to drag and considering it was suppose to be a brief update of the night post I'm going to leave it there, grab a hot chocolate and start my night of beauty blogging..


Love to you all,

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