Sunday, 17 February 2013

Real Techniques Brush Review

Hey, so I posted earlier this week telling you all that i'd purchased some of the real techniques brush collection, and I thought i'd do a review on a few of the brushes I bought. I could not be more happier with these brushes, they are everything I wanted in a brush and more. So worth the money.

The 2 sets I got are the core collection (gold brushes) and the enhanced starter set (purple brushes) and I also bought a single brush, the stippling brush (pink brush). Both of the sets come with a multi-purpose 2 in 1 brush stand and role to keep all your brushes together. However, I keep mine in glasses on my makeup desk just for easy storage and access with other brushes.

The Core collection set comes with the following brushes;

Detailer Brush - This brush can be used for applying concealer or lipstick, small enough for good precision.
Pointed Foundation Brush -Small pointed brush, great for liquid foundation however, i like to use it to apply my concealer and liquid highlighters.
Buffing Brush - This brush is perfect for full coverage application of foundation and loose powder/setting powder. Really good for setting your makeup. The brush is so soft and perfect for applying powder, one of my favourite brushes.
Contour Brush - This brush is perfect for applying bronzer/blusher and as it says 'contouring' the face. Another great multi purpose brush.

The Starter collection set comes with the following brushes;

Base shadow brush - This is basically for applying your eyeshadow base across your lid. I like to use this after my primer has set to apply a base to give my eyeshadow something to stick too.
Deluxe Crease Brush - A few people compare this to Mac's 217 blending brush, and I do agree to some extent its great for blending out the shadow onto your crease and further out from there,  however I don't think its as great as the 217.
Accent brush- This is to be used for highlighting and smudging, and I like to use this brush to apply shadow to my lower lash line, or a darker shadow close to my tight upper lash line.
Pixel-Point Eyeliner Brush - This is great for the applier of a gel eyeliner, or if you don't want to use it on your eyes then it has a multi-purpose of becoming a lip brush.
Brow Brush- This basically does what its called, i use this to give my brows a bit of a distinctive shape, such a great brush.

and last but not least...

Stippling Brush- I use this to help create a high definition finish on my face with my foundation, I find it great for a photo ready finish look, definitely works my foundation into my skin and blends nicely.

Overall Samantha I give your brushes a huge thumbs up, and especially the price I received them at such a bargain! I mentioned were I bought them from in a previous post which is linked here. So please check that out if you want some reasonably priced brushes.

If you have any of the other brushes, or have any of the same, then please leave your comments below I would love to see how other people get on with these brushes, and would love to have a look at some new blogs :)

If you have any requests then also please leave them below.
Thanks for reading, catch you soon.



  1. I LOVE the Real Techniques brushes, especially the expert face brush :)

  2. I love the core collection xx

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  3. I have the starter collection as well, xoxo.