Monday, 25 February 2013

(Giveaway insight) Hello to you, yes you reading this!

Howdy readers, and fellow bloggers, I am so pleased that I've reached 50 followers. I made this blog just to ramble and never thought that anyone actually would read it let alone follow. So I have some interesting information for you. I've decided that when I reach my milestone of 100 followers then I will be doing a giveaway. 50 followers and readers is quite a lot to me let alone 100, so thank you to everyone out there who reads my blog.

So here's the part were I'm after some of your help I'm choosing between 3 brands at the moment being mac, benefit and urban decay, and would really like your help and information and suggestions on any products which you would like to see in a giveaway. Please tweet me your replies @ohsogagasm94 or leave comments below, everything will be taken I to consideration after all the giveaway is for you.

This giveaway will be INTERNATIONAL!!

All you need to do to be in with a chance to win is suggest a product to me, and keep on the lookout for when I reach 100 followers (I'll do a post explaining when I've reached and the rules)

So it would be appreciated dearly if you would suggest and products and brands for this giveaway.

Much love


  1. Ohh a palette from any of these brand would be lovely ;), congrats on reaching 50, I'm sure your 100 followers will arrive asap. xoxo.

    1. Aww thank you :) ill take a look at some xx

  2. I'm sure your 100 followers will arrive soon!

    I love Mac blushs and lipsticks.