Monday, 25 February 2013

Sleek - Oh so special palette!


Hey everybody, I thought I'd do a review on a sleek palette. I chose this one In particular as its a sparkle and shimmer palette and I enjoy the colours quite alot! The sleek palette are rather good quality for the price and are just under £8.

This palette has 5 shimmery finish shadows and 7 matte shadows. So all in all, its quite a controversial palette that can be used to create any look. This palette also contains both neutral and dark shadows, so would be perfect for the use of a travel palette. Mine fits rather cosey in my makeup bag and I can use it day or night to create almost any look.

Shimmery Shades:
Organsa - gorgeous pale pinky peach shade with a tone of a light champagne colour
Gift Basket - more of a copper brown shade, with bronze flecs.
Glitz - Very classic gunmetal grey colour, works well with the matte noir
Celebrate - dark plum tone glitter shimmer shade, good colour pay off.
Gateau - Lighter than Organsa, but a pale pinky toned shimmer shadow.

Matte Shades:
Bow - off white colour, doesn't have too much pay off so I like to use this to line my lids before application of other shades.
Ribbon - Salmon coloured pinky shade, very light and I would severely recommend the use of a primer with this shadow, if it will be worn on its own.
Pamper - Another light pinky peach shade, shade lighter than ribbon.
The Mail - Light brown colour, almost matchable to a slight tanned skin tone, shows up great on the eye. I like to use this as a base for colour build up.
Boxed - Dark brown colour, I actually use this to fill in my eyebrows most of the time or as a close lash liner.
Wrapped up - Dark purpley brown colour, dark plum. Shows up great on the lids and is even better when blended to create a smokey eye.
Noir - Classic black colour, again shows up well on the lid and is great for mixing with the browns to create a smokey look.

All in all I love this palette, If any of you have tried any other sleek palettes or products in general, then please let me know what you think of them below in the comments section along with any recommendations. Thanks


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  1. The colours look gorgeous, I don't have a sleek palette yet! xoxo.