Thursday, 31 January 2013

What's in my everyday make-up bag?

Hi everyone, I've seen a few of these posts floating about so I thought i'd do one. It's a post on what I tend to carry in my make-up bag every day, so its mainly all of my basics that i use to create a natural/neutral look. I do swap and change them about when need be, but like I said this is my basic bag which I take to university with me and out and about when travelling. So to start off with, my make-up bag changes all the time, and at the moment I'm using this £3 black and white monochrome striped zig zaggy one from Primark, its such a bargain and is big enough to carry around all of my essentials and still have bits of room for when I need to add those extras.
£3 Primark - Make Up bag

So lets crack on to see whats inside....

L-R; Mac quartet, Mac mineralize skinfinish, MUA eyebrow palette, 2x Mac Lipsticks, L'oreal Volume Million Diamond Lashes, Nars Eyeshadow, Maybeline Colossal Volume Mascara, Garnier Body intense moisturiser, Colection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concelear, Bourjois 123 Perfect, Sally Halsal blusher brush & compact mirror.

In a bit more detail i'll describe the products and leave links to any reviews i've previously done so here goes..

Mac Eyeshadow quartet - Top left shadow is Mac Embark and is an intense reddish brown matte finish eye shadow, I love using this for a more deep dark smokey eye. The second shadow (top right) is Mac Mystery which is a muted plum brown and a satin finish eye shadow, the final shadow is Mac Honesty which is a Lustre finish and is a pewtered bronze. Sadly my quartet is not finished yet and only contains 3 shadows but I try and keep this palette as neutral as possible but with a bit of shimmer so I can transform my everyday look into something eye popping if im ever caught out and end up going on a night out, which tends to happen being a student.

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish - This skinfinish is in the shade Lightscapade, im generally a really pale person and find that this shade works best over my foundation, it helps set my makeup yet gives me a shimmer glow. I did a post on this a couple of months ago and you can find it here.

Mac Lipsticks - Sticking with mac, I always carry around 2 of my all time favourite lipsticks. These are Rebel & Up The Amp. Up the Amp is an amplified creme finish lipstick and is a bright rich violet purple colour, I absolutely adore this lipstick especially to brighten up an outfit on a night out. My second fave Rebel is a satin finish lipstick and is a darker purple more of a vampy looking colour. You can find more about Mac Up the Amp here

Wearing Up The Amp Lipstick - Max

MUA Eyebrow Palette - Ok so i've tried numerous eye brow palettes and this one seems to be my favourite contender at the moment, theres 3 shades inside however, i only use the darker shade. It makes my eyebrows pop and stay in place all day! Love this palette. Deffo a bargain at £4

Nars Eye Shadow - This is my first ever Nars product and its an eye shadow in the shade ondine I am currently loving this shadow and just recently did a post on it which is here its a shimmery brown shadow and can definietley be used day or night! Love it

L'oreal Mascara - This I believe is the Cheryl Cole diamond volumising mascara, its so pigmented and has shimmery glittery pieces when applied to the lashes, that you can't see on the applicator. It definietly makes my eye lashes longer and full of volume, I haven't done a post on this yet, but im sure it RRP's for under £12! Well done L'oreal!!

moving on to the right half of the photo this part contains my daily routine must have basics!!

Maybelline Volum' express colossal cat eyes Mascara - This mascara i mentioned in my december favourites which you can find here i talk about this all the time and i love love love love what it does to my lashes.

Garnier Body Intense 7 days softening lotion - I use this all the time and am currently using the Shea Butter one, I use it on my body and on my face as a daily moisturizer both in the morning, and at night after i've cleansed my face, it locks in moisturizer and is great for combination to normal skin like mine, i've tried all the flavours and love the smell of this one!

Bourjois 123 perfect foundation -  I swear by this, this is my holy grail foundation it gives flawless coverage and contains anti oxidants which balance out any yellow pigmented skin or red un-even pigmented skin! It works amazing, mine is shade 51 Light Vanilla. This foundation is great at sorting out any under-eye dark circles, it covers over them and is also a medium coverage so its build-able.

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer - I'm new to trying this concealer out, which is a bit of a shock considering every man and his dog has it and loves it! Im using shade 2 which is light, i thought i'd go a shade lighter than my foundation to make sure it blends in well and I've used it for just over 2 weeks now religiously and i love it, i think i shall definitely be expanding on the range! Thumbs up for a cheap but well coverage concealer.

The only brush that I actually had which was clean was my sally hassal blush brush, this brush is a one off and was made especially for me, when I went on a trip to Egypt. Im so thankful, this brush is so soft and works great for blush, powder or bronzer love it!

It would be great to know what your beauty favourite are that you keep and use everyday? So please leave comments and i'll take a look and i am thankful for any reccommendations to try out. Thanks

Love Sophie


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