Friday, 4 January 2013

January Buys!

Hey all, I did one of these a couple of months ago and ive decided im going to stick with them they seem quite fun and make me put into perspective of what I want this month and how much I'll spend. So here goes...

(1) ASOS - Linked Leaf Necklace £20, this necklace looks absolutely gorgeous online, and would definitely make a statement with any outfit. For £20 its a bargain, for the amount of class and glamour it can bring to an outfit. You can buy this here from ASOS.

(2) ASOS - Tassel Bowler Bag with Rabbit Fitting £35, I've seen this bag on someones Youtube channel in a mint greeny blue colour and instantly fell in love with it, it is gorgeous and dead 'springy' if i was to class it under a season, i love the pastel pinky colour and the gold detailing around the straps and the rabbit! Again you can buy this here from ASOS.

(3) River Island - Red jersey box pleat skater skirt £18, i love skater dresses and skater skirts there so shabby and so in fashion at the moment. This colour is definitely something that would brighten up my winter wardrobe quite nicely teamed with a pair of thick black tights and some creepers, or a more elegant pair of dolly shoes! So nice so thanks River Island, this can be found here.

(4) TopShop - Bouquet Floral Flippy Dress £26, One of my friends has this dress and it looks gorgeous on, the back detailing is rather unique and quite different to one ive seen on the 'skater dresses' but well done topshop, this dress comes in numerous patterns and i have to say they all look like they would go nicely in my wardrobe. My friend Becky wore heres to work with a pair of black tights and creepers. Looked lovely, you can buy this here and i definitely will be doing on pay day!

(5) TopShop - Fluro Weave Boxy Jumper £38, this is a little steeped pricey for a jumper but this colour is amazing, and the weaved pattern/texture looks so unique and expensive quality. I would love to own  this jumper and almost all of topshops jumpers. You can buy this here.

last but not least...

(6) River Island - Bright Blue Contrast Strap Stiletto Sandals £70, I LOVE river island shoes although Im not so in  love with the price tag attached to them! But i tried these shoes on  in store and they look gorgeous, i need these in my life. If you need them in your life too then you can get these here.

Please leave comments letting me know what your purchase for January will be, and if you have any of the purchases im going to make, any information about them, your opinions on them and i will gladly read them all and take time to reply to you all.

Lots of love


  1. That bag is so cute! I am on the hunt for an amazing purse, I've been looking for a few weeks but I just haven't yet found THE ONE :(
    Love your blog :)
    Maggie x

  2. I love that bag, thanks for the comment :) means alot
    Sophie xx

  3. love your blog, followed! I'd love it if you could check out mine
    Happy new year! x

    1. Thanks, I will sure check your blog out and follow :) happy new year to you too x

  4. lovely items! :) I really like the skirt! Your blog is great <3

    Do you want to follow each other?

    - happy new year ♥

    1. I love that skirt! Tried it yesterday. Thanks yours is too :) ill follow you x

      Happy new year to you aswell x

  5. i totally love that bright peach/pink top!
    would you like to follow each other?

    1. Thanks :) yeah ill follow you. Nice blog xx

  6. i love the bag!
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