Friday, 25 January 2013

January haul!

Hey all, I haven't posted much over the past couple of weeks, so I'm really sorry but I've been snowed under by exams and assignments for uni. However, I have been shopping a little bit and saved everything to do a mini blog haul. So I hope you can all forgive me, i shall be posting more often :)

Ok so the first place I went to on my shopping trip was la senna, most stores have shut down, well the little ones. But there are still large stores floating about so when I get the chance I love to pay a visit. I went to the one inside Manchester Arndale and to my surprise everything was in the sale. Bra's that were £20/£30 were £5!!! Underwear was on 5 pairs for £5 so how could you not buy?!?! I limited myself and only bought one bra with matching underwear. Because I'm a weirdo and love wearing matching underwear, do you do this? Let me know ha!!

Make-Up bits

The next place I went to was the Trafford centre. I love this place, but don't go too often as I get put off by all the busy shoppers! I first went straight to selfridges as I've been dying to try out the new YSL touché clat foundation and heard from a few people they are doing 7 day testers. The pot size is fairly good enough and definitely will give me a good idea whether I like this product. I think it's a great idea that they colour match you and then let you trial for 7 days, especially as the product is really pricey! So go get some testers!! I love the foundation. Also in selfridges I visited mac! Now if you know me then you will know mac is my favourite brand of make-up ever. I worship the place and think the staff in the Trafford centre are so friendly and not push like most in other places are... So I had my eye on the 'Teddy' eyeliner, as it looks gorgeous but however they didn't have any in!! Gutted I know! So instead I thought i would treat myself to a quartet palette. I couldn't believe it was £6.50 for a duo palette and £6.50 for a 4 palette! Of course your going to buy the 4! Then I treated myself to the eyeshadow refill 'mystery' it's a gorgeous brown matte shade and I will be doing a review soon! So keep out for that.

Sticking with makeup I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon of the collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer in the shade number 2 light. I've heard lots of beauty bloggers and vloggers rave on about how this concealer is better than any other high street or high end product they've tried. I'm a sucker for a benefit boi-ing concealer and thought nothing would compare but I've been using this for about 3-4 days and I can say it comes so close! For £3.19 it's an absolute bargain! So cheap yet so good, the colour range isn't that bad either love a high street product that gives a high end finish!

I also popped in to topshop this week and thought I'd try one of their kohl eyeliners, I didn't have high expectations for this product for the price £4 but the packaging is so cute, all topshop make up looks adorable. I've tried this once or twice and find it quite softening and not sharp on my bottom lash line so overall it's pretty good.

Fashion bits

So the first thing isn't technically mine but I bought my sisters birthday present, she's obsessed with wearing my converse so I thought I'd buy her a pair of her own. I got the black pump style ones from republic and there was a 20% student discount on £34 so cheap! Hope she enjoys.

I also had a gift card for new look from my auntie at Christmas, and was waiting for the sales to finish so I could get something from the new spring range. I caught my eye on this gorgeous skater style dress and for £12 Thought it was such a bargain! Only spotted it in this grey wash colour but if there are anymore then I will be buying them all!

The final things I bought were necklaces, I'm not really a jewellery fan but thought I'd give the choker style collar necklaces a try. I bought the purple diamond shape one from Primark for £2 along with the zebra print dangly one which was also £4 the other 2 necklaces were from new look and in the sale they were £1 each!! How cheap £6 for 4 necklaces for a try, if they don't suit them its not much money wasted! Such a bargain..

Thanks for reading, I love reading your comments and checking out your blogs so leave your links below and tell me what your favourite purchases of January have been, if you've got any bargains in the sales or if you've seen anything about.

Lots of love


  1. I just bought this grey dress after you posted this haha! It's in Topshop but I wouldn't spend £26 on it and i can't find this dress anywhere for cheaper until I found this! :) great find! :)x

  2. Thanks :) glad i helped someone. I have a couple of the topshop ones but do find there expensive for what they really are :) x