Thursday, 3 January 2013

Lush Bath & Body & Happy New Year!!!

Hello everyone, happy new year to you all and thanks for supporting me and reading my blog in the past year I really appreciate each and every view :)

So over Christmas I received loads of gifts but too many to blog about so every now and then I'll mention a few :) the one I love at the moment is a lush Christmas gift set called 'Christmas Candy Box' which Marc picked me up for Christmas. It contains all my all time favourite lush products and smells so so so nice!

The box contains rock star soap, butterball bath ballistic, snow fairy shower gel (allllll time fave!!!!)' popcorn lip scrub and a candy mountain bubble bar. Now I'm a girl that loves bath and body products and I do love lush, although sometimes they can be a bit pricey.

RRP £19.99 - Lush or |

70g rock star soap - pink, sweet and full of confidence: soap with attitude. So lush says, this soap smells divine and has been cut into a star shape very Christmassy and covered in pink glitter yummy. RRP £3.40/100g

Butterball bath ballistic - skin softening, vanilla scented, sweet and lovely bath ballistic. Smells gorgeous very vanilla like, rather huge, great for the winter time when skin becomes dehydrated and dry, nourishes it :) RRP £2.45 each

100g Snow Fairy shower gel - shower gel for body and hair. Candy floss pink and sweet as sugar with iridescent sparkles and a hint of wicked fruitiness. Exactly what lush says, I love this product, it smells so fruity definitely the type of stuff I use. Sparkles on your skin in the shower and leaves a lingering long lasting fruity smell. RRP around £4.50 for 100g (Christmas edition sold out)

25g Popcron Lip Scrub - a sweet and salty scrub for your smackers. Pucker up. I love lip scrubs especially the bubblegum one, but this popcorn one is out of this world. I LOVE POPCORN and now I can have it buffed into my lips, what better? It tastes just like Popcorn even better dare I say. This product is currently sold out but RRPs £5.25

Last but not least is the 100g candy mountain bubble bar - candy sweet vanilla bubble bar for huge clouds of comforting foam. This is my favourite thing from lush ever. I love this bubble bar, I love the colours pink and green fused together perfect! But I love the smell, I wish my body my hair and my house smelt like this bar, so sweet yet fruity almost reminds me of candy floss. Love love love this!! Again this product was a Christmas limited edition and is sold out sadly however, I think it RRPs around £5

If any of you have tried lush products please let me know what you think in the comments :) thanks.
Love sophie



  1. This looks like a great gift set! I really need to try the popcorn lip scrub, xoxo.

  2. Its so amazing smells and tastes delicious and definitely makes a difference to my lips :) xxx