Saturday, 29 December 2012

Hair Envy!

The green eyed monster has made an appearance in my life again, looking through some photos in a magazine of Shenae Grimes (Annie out of 90210) has so made me want to change my hair yet again. Seen as though this year isn't over just yet I think im going to treat  myself to a hair makeover, over the years I have been numerous hair colours anything from pink to purple, to blonde, to ginger to black to blue. Outrageous damage, although my hair is now at a medium dark brown im still never satisfied so I think im going to keep experimenting and try out this new look, inspired by Shenae...

Would appreciate any advice people have about low light ombreing before I go see my hairdresser.

Many thanks



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  2. I love her hair - she always looks so polished! ^.^ I've never dyed my hair so can't offer any advice..but it looks pretty awesome so I'd go with it if ya find a good hairdresser!!

  3. thanks :) booked an appointment for next week, hope it looks good :)