Friday, 28 December 2012

December favourites!

I've been spending money yet again on beauty products sillllly me! The bank won't thank me!
Anyway lately I've been trying to keep my hair In a good condition, I don't suffer with bad hair just sometimes the weather can dry it out and make it a bit brittle and snappy almost, and considering I'm trying to grow it, it's not good that it snaps off.
So I was told to try the new Schwarzkopf hair-repair liquid silk express-repair-conditioner, this contains liquid keratin and is especially for dry and brittle hair. It's a stay in conditioner and you spray it and leave it on towel dried hair. I had low expectations for this product as conditioners normally turn your hair greasy with the build up of products however this one doesn't! It's so great I've used it about 6 times on different washes and haven't had a problem yet, can see its strengthens my hair and gives it a super shine 10/10 from me! Also bargain on sale at superdrug for £1.99 RRP £7.99.

The next hair product I'm completely in love with is the superdrugs own chocolate brownie dry-shampoo. My hairs a dark brown and I normally find that dry shampoo gives it a grey effect like talc powder in my hair but this product is so good it blends in with my hair colour and refreshes it between washes such a life saver.

My next favourites are lip products and are my winter faves! The first one is a well needed pot of Carmex. Carmex is an all time lip saviour all year round, but especially in the winter when the weather dries out your lips, it soothes my lips and relieves any dry skin or blemishes on my lips. I love Carmex especially the cherry flavour, smells soooo good!

The second lip product I love was actually a christmas gift from Marc :) and it is the mac satin lipstick in the colour rebel. I love this lipstick and have wanted it since October but wherever I've been to purchase it, it has always been sold out so safe to say I was ecstatic when I opened it on Christmas Day. Such a dark purple colour but with hints of pink on the lip, looks so good especially with dark hair! This product is another which receives 10 Sophie points.

The final lip product I have been lurvin' is the Revlon just bitten kissable balm stain in the shade 005 Crush Beguin it's a dark plummy colour with a warm pink tone and looks sensational on the lips I actually do love this product so much, I love the balm stains and have 2 of the other colours, but find that this shade is perfect for winter. As well as smelling so good this only cost me £3 in boots! Was reduced down to £5 and then used a boots coupon, so cheap so good.

My final products are sort of combined, the first is a perfume I received off my mum late this summer for my birthday and is the DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom, and smells so sweet a scent which I love, she bought me a 50ml apple and its only just a quarter of the way through, one squirt does me all day and the scent lingers I love this, and have already purchased another one from the be delicious range in the green apple! The other thing related to my perfume is that because its a huge apple it's rather annoying to lumber it around everywhere and therefore my mum knows how much a pain this is and introduced me to a perfume travel atomiser, which is no bigger than a lipstick and fills up perfume squirt bottles into the atomiser, this is so great and I've currently stored Lola by Marc Jacobs in the traveler. The only downside is that the apple doesn't have a squirt dispenser and therefore can't be transported into the travel size argh well.

Well they are my December favourites and I hope you've enjoyed :)

Love sophie


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