Thursday, 20 December 2012

Soap and Glory the best of all! £27 bargain!!

Hello snowflakes :) as I'm sure your aware in the beauty department last weeks boots put the Soap and Glory the best of all goody bag on sale for £27 reduced from £60! It was an absolute bargain and safe to say it sold out within hours and I was one of the lucky ones to get mine! So boots messed about with my order and I only managed to pick it up today, wasn't a very happy customer but it made me happy the product itself. So much love to give!

For those of you who were unaware about the offer you get 9 Soap and Glory products as well as a free case to store them in for £27, the total RRP of all the products is £70+ and therefore it was a complete bargain saving yourself over £40!!! And if your a big soap and glory fan like me well then it was well worth the purchase.

1. Smoothie star, deep moisture body milk 500ml pump bottle which contains almonds, cocoa, yogurt, oats & honey and smells very differently to the signature soap and glory smell but smells so good can not wait to start using this after I've finished off my other moisturiser product. RRP £10

2. Clean on me, shower gel 500ml pump bottle mainly mandarin peel, this shower gel smells so good and feels Devine on the skin. It has a built in body lotion helping to maintain smoothness and the smell in your skin for longer after use in the shower. RRP £5.50 so not too dear but still a luxurious product.

3. Sugar crush, body scrub 300ml, I already have this product and have nearly used my first tub. I love this it smells so good contains brown sugar and rubs well on the skin, leaving a finish that is significantly smoother and noticeable. Reviewed this product a couple of weeks ago if anybody is interested then check out that post here:Sugar Crush body scrub
RRP £8

4. The Righteous Butter, body butter containing Shea butter & aloe Vera 300ml and is the classic soap and glory smell. It's so consistent on the skin dead soft and leaves the smell for a long time. I tested it on my hand around about 2pm and the smell is still strong now! At 11pm.. Definitely a great product. RRP £10.50

5. Heel genius, foot cream 125ml macadamia oil, menthol, bilberry, orange & lemon fruit acid smothers. I'm not a huge foot cream fan, although this one does have good reviews I am willing to give it a try, the menthol smell is so strong but smells so good, if the foot cream isn't to my taste then I'm sure my mum will find a way to put this to good use so all in all a good purchase. RRP £5.50

6. Hand food 125ml, hand lotion containing Shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow ingredients. I've used the smaller version of this product and keep it in my bag all the time, it smells Devine I love this and it always soothes my hands making them feel soft and smooth. Love love love. RRP £5

7. Peaches & Clean, 200ml 4 in 1 deep cleansing milk including peach extracts, quilloua bark (don't have a clue what this is ha) jojoba oil, detoxy boost technology and pore shrinking ingredients. This smell is the significant soap and glory smell and I love it! RRP £7

8. Thick and fast super volume mascara, which I don't think is worth the retail price as mine came and was dried out. RRP £10

9. Sexy mother pucker in the shade punch bowl 7ml this plumps my lips and sends tingles through them, love this product used it before and it's great. RRP £9
L-R smoothie milk| clean on me| sugar crush| righteous butter| heel genius| hand food| peaches & clean| thick & fast| sexy mother pucker

So that is all of the 9 products you receive and I most definitely think its a steal! Thank you boots!

Love Sophie

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