Saturday, 11 May 2013

Updated What's in my Make-up Bag?

Hello everyone in the beauty world, so it's been quite a while since I did a what's in my make-up bag post and thought seen as though my products change and switch up quite a lot, i would update you all and show you what I've been using/loving for spring/summer. Enjoy :)

The make-up bag im currently using is this Ted Baker black and pink bow bag. I've mentioned this bag before in a post which you can find here.

Im going to start in the way that I apply them to my face, because that's the best way that makes sense to me.

Foundation, I tend to switch this up every now and then but the one which is in my make up bag at the moment is the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation in shade 100 Ivory. I love this foundation, I find the anti-fatigue and radiant glowy effect really work well with my complexion, and the oils in my face. I tend to use this during the day as it has an Spf 15 which works well with the sunlight. Although, I have tried this foundation at night, and especially with cameras I find I have a really white shiny face, not a good look.

The next product is again something for my complexion, I am currently using the last bits of my Bourjois Paris Compact powder in the shade 72 Sable Rose. I have had this product for years and find that it works well with my wake me up foundation, although I do prefer transparent powders.

I tend to switch my eyebrow products up depending on what look I'm going for but I love using my faithful MUA Pro-Brow Kit, this comes with 3 shades and I use the darkest shade for my brows, and the lightest for a highlight under my brows. This kit is great for travelling as it comes with its own set of tweezers and application brush.

For blush im currently loving an old favourite, which has been in my makeup kit for a while this is the Rimmel London powder blush in Pink Rose. This is such a great dusty pink colour for spring and summer, nothing to heavy and my ultimate favourite.

Moving onto my eyes, I have been using alot of the Maybelline Colour Tattoo's and there has been one in my bag all the time, This one is in the shade 70- Metallic Pomegranate. A gorgeous iridescent purpley pink shade, my favourite colour.

I tend then to just wear some Mascara, and I have quite a few in my bag. I use the L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes in Black every day, as it accentuates my lashes making them look fuller and longer, a definite must at all times.

On to the lips, I change my lip colour probably more times than my underwear (Joking!!) but I love a good change of lips and im definitively a vibrant purple kind of girl and the 2 in my make up bag at the moment are Maybelline 338 Midnight Plum lipstick and Mac's Up the Amp, 2 different purples that I love!!

Do you have anything similar in your makeup bag? Or have any recommendations?
Leave them in the comments below.
Love you all

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