Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Top 6 Jewellery Picks

Hey Guys and dolls, so I've not done a fashion style post in a while its been all about the haulin' and the make up. So, I thought I would do a little Jewellery post to get me back into the mood of things. I have picked my top 6 favourite items, Jewellery which I wear often and sometimes most days depending on my mood I love a good piece of costume jewellery from necklaces to rings.

Before I ramble anymore here are my top 6 picks:

1. New Look - Glass Heart Necklace. I actually bought this necklace in the sale and it cost me a grand total of £1.50. I fell in love with it instantly though the detail and the scratching on the glass heart was probably the thing that sold me to buy it. I also love the length of the chain, it sits quite nice between my collar bones and is the perfect length for a collar shirt necklace. I bought this near the end of last year and don't think it is available anymore.

2. River Island - Gold Toned Jewel Earrings. These earrings aren't sold on-line any more but you might still find them in the shops. I have found an alternative (without the jewels) here for £1.50. These earrings were £5 and I think they look great with a simple pony tail, I've worn them with my hair down before but because its in front of my face you can't really see the earrings. Im not a huge fan of crosses, especially when the 'cross themed gothic trend' was out and about earlier this year but I really like these surprisingly.

River Island Earrings £5

3. New Look -Gold Oval Ruby Ring wahey a product that is still available to buy online. I bought this ring just over 2 weeks ago as I am loving the deep red ruby look at the moment with jewellery and lips and this ring looked fabulous on my pale hands may I add with my deep red nail varnish I was wearing at the time. This ring was a real steal costing just £2.99 BARGAIN!!! I have been wearing this almost everyday, switching up the finger and teaming with deep red lips.

New Look Gold Toned Oval Ruby Ring - £2.99
4. Primark - Silver and Turquoise drop earrings. I think these are still in store and they were around the £1.50/2 mark. Really cheap and look really chic, these to me don't seem like anything you would find in primark, more of a topshop etsy kind of earring. I swear when I got these everyone around the jewellery stand had a pair I love them.

5. Ebay- Triangle bunting bracelet. This bracelet is my number 1 steal my favourite all time item and cost me under £1.50 you can get it here. Numerous of people have this bracelet including Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter. She is the main reason why I bought this bracelet, I saw it on her blog and thought it look so shabby and worth alot more than it was. It only took 1 week to get from the seller (china) which I thought was reasonably good considering the postage and packaging was free.

eBay Triangle Bracelet - £1.50
6. Silver Studded Spiked Bracelet. I can not remember for the life of me where this bracelet was from but I love it. This is quite thick and chunky and tends to annoy my sleeves on my clothing. So, I tend to wear this bracelet with a short sleeved dress or inside the house without sleeves. Typical me always finding a problem with something. I think this cost me about £3 which I think is brilliant considering the quality and make of the bracelet, Its really sturdy and doesn't loosen the elasticated strap.

So thats it my top 6 jewellery picks. What's your favourite jewellery or style? Do you like costume or simple silver?

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