Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Dublin 2015

Hey guys, so me and Connor took a well deserved weekend break to the City of Dublin! My oh My what a beautiful city.

I can honestly say it was a brilliant break away for us, we explored the city both shopping and touring infamous sights. May I say we even dabbled in some Irish Drinking and considering I don't drink Lager and Ale, I tried my best to take a sip of Guinness.... Never again!

Just thought I would share some photos from our trip and show you the places we visited. If any of you have any recommendations for Ireland then we are glad to say we are going back a little bit later on in the year... Belfast maybe.

The Trip:

So we arrived late Friday afternoon, due to the rubbish weather causing delays. Although the flight was only 30 mins and we didn't stay too far from the airport. Connor is a huge rugby fan and of course booked our stay at Crooke Park Hotel. Which may I add was fantastic, it faced Crooke park itself and we received brilliant service from the hotel and the staff.
We took ourselves out to Temple Bar and lets just say I don't remember getting back to the hotel... but what I do know is I broke my glasses that night! The only pair I had on the trip with me!

Saturday day we took ourselves to St Johns Shopping square, it was certainly an eye opener, but we spent most of Saturday day shopping and dabbling in and out of authentic Irish pubs. Lets just say Saturday night entailed quite a bit of drinking. We were lucky enough to experience Tradfest weekend, loads of Irish music and live bands!!!

Thought I'd leave you with some pictures of our trip...

Thanks for reading...

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