Sunday, 14 April 2013

Elegant Touch Matte Nails


I am one for a set of Acrylics normally but lately they've been ruining my nails and I thought i'd give them a rest. However, this weekend well tonight actually I'm going on a night out and thought I'd jazz up my nails with a vibrant neon pink and found these gorgeous beauties hanging around in Boots in the reduction section.
£8.99 reduced to £2.99 thank you very much.

So I didn't have high expectations for these, but thought they would at least last from the Thursday night when I put them on till Sunday morning. 3 Days is not really high expectations. These came with nail glue and a gloss top coat, to turn them shiny.
Ok so these lasted a total of 12 hours! Friday morning 2 snapped off in my sleep! Ridiculous.

They looked good whilst they lasted, I did attempt to glue them back on and they just refused to stick but I thought that I would do a post and share my opinions and see if anybody else had tried these?

I am so glad i did not buy these at full price as I would probably be highly annoyed!!

Have you tried these? What do you think?


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