Thursday, 18 April 2013

Essie, Dainty Doll, Rimmel & Discount; Fragrance Direct

Hello, members of the beauty world! I know I haven't done a Haul post for a couple of weeks now, and thought that I would share with you my goodies that I ordered from an online store Fragrance Direct some of you may be aware of this store and know that they sell branded products from high street to sometimes high end for discounted prices.

This was my first time buying from these as I normally like to buy my makeup as I see it, to know that its legit and everything's ok. However, I have seen a couple bloggers recently buy from this store including Leanne Woodfull and thought why not!

I have had my eye on an Essie nail polish for a while called 'Cascade Cool' but I still refuse to pay around £8 for a nail varnish, especially when I have plenty in a similar colour. However, I managed to get my hands on this online for £1.99. Something i thought was an extreme bargain. I then spotted a colour called 'Delicacy' this is a beautiful iridescent pearly white colour, looks very milky and would look fantastic in spring/summer with an accent nail. Again this polish was only £1.99, so i managed to get 2 for half the price of 1! I actually had to stop myself from buying every colour they had online, but since this order arrived I may have made another cheeky purchase!! If you fancy having a look at these Essie polishes then you can check them out here.

Dainty Doll Blush - 002 My Girl. The Dainty Doll brand, was a brand set up by Nicola Roberts for all of those with pale skin! Amen to that sisters! Seen as though I am a fellow pale person and fit the whole stereotype, I thought that I would give this collection a shot! So I dived right in and found a Blush called 'My Girl' all of the products have such cute names and just fit to the idea of the brand. This Blush should of retailed at £13.50 and I managed to snap it up for £1.99 Oh My! How cheap, what was even better was that if the colour didn't suit my skin then i don't mind handing it on for that price to a friend!

on to the lips...

Rimmel Lasting Finish - 006 Pink Blush. My ever so favorable lipstick which has stop being sold in both boots and superdrug near me, due to the new lines. I love this colour and when I saw it for £0.99 I just had to buy not one but 2! Bargain.
- 086 Sugar Plum, was a colour which also caught my eye when i re-purchased my pink blush lipstick and i thought, oooh that seems very me why not give it a go and for the price, again if I don't like it im not that fussed.

href="" target="_blank">Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick - 080 Cherry Pop. I have plenty of these lipsticks and find them to be so faithfull to my makeup collection, so the only one I didn't posses on the list was Cherry Pop. I couldn't think why not considering I love Cherry, so I picked one up for £1.99.

Have you ever bought from this website/ have any opinions? Or know any websites similar?

Let me know, I love new things


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