Monday, 8 April 2013

Washing Real Technique brushes and others

Monday :( well at least it is in the part of the world that im in.
So everybody has that monday feeling, don't want to go back to work/school? Don't want to get up early and just generally can not be bothered with anything. Im having that feeling right now and have done for every monday for as long as I can remember. So i thought, what could possibly cheer me up or make me feel any better on a monday? Nothing I hear you say but something I saw recently online is that using clean brushes can actually make you feel better?
Who comes up with that rubbish I thought, but hesitant to give it a go I tried this last week Sunday 30th April  I sat down at night and washed most of my used brushes and waited till monday to give it a go.

Ok so I know it probably didn't cheer me up as much as I hoped but the whole point of this rammble is that freshly washed brushes always make you feel better, who wants to be using grubby germ catchers to apply their makeup on their beautiful face. I know I don't considering I have pretty good skin I don't want to be all clogged and spotty because of something I could of helped so I washed the brushes. I usually wash them every 14 days but I thought why not do them once a week?

To wash my brushes I use Mac Brush Cleanser most of the time but on the times I want a deep clean I use Baby Shampoo to keep the bristles soft and to deeply wash the brushes, and then sometimes I will use a treatment conditioner just to keep them looking fresh and feeling new.

Just thought I'd do a little post and show you, if you have any questions then feel free to leave them below or contact me.

Lots of Love

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