Friday, 5 April 2013

Holiday Gifts: Ted Baker & Mac

Hello readers of my little blog. My parents recently took a vacation for 2 weeks and brought me back some presents. Whenever they go away they bring me a little something back. This time they went to Cape Verde and picked my presents up in Duty Free knowing that there wouldn't be much over there.

So the first thing I got was a Mac lipstick in the shade Russian Red. My mum knows me oh so too well and knows I'm addicted to a good red lipstick. So this one definitely fits into place in my lipstick collection. This gorgeous colour is a matte finish, something I don't normally go for but this one isn't too dry and a lipgloss always give some moisture to the lips. This retails for £14 in Mac.

The final thing they got me was something I have wanted for absolutely ages but just thought I already had far too many makeup bags to purchase this one. I got a black and pink Ted Baker Makeup bag. This is the perfect size to fit all my 'higher' end products such as Mac, Benefit and YSL. I like to separate my everyday face products from my luxury products which I enjoy indulging in every now and then. There was no price tag on this bag but if I'm right I think these retail between £22-25 little pricey for something to carry around my makeup in. But I love love love this!

Thanks to my mum & dad for these presents, and thanks to all of you for staying with my blog & reading my posts.

Love Sophie

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