Thursday, 19 September 2013

Seventeen Phwoarr Paint Concealer

Hey guys heres me again rambling about new products, who would of thought it?

Anyway, I saw Gemma from Gemsmaquillage talking about this new Seventeen heavy duty under eye concealer a couple of weeks ago. I read her review and a few others and thought that I would give it a shot, I am loyal to my Benefit boi-ing industrial strength concealer, but noticed that the formulas and the colour (fair) where quite similar so I thought I would try it out and see what I thought about it. As this one is just a third of the price as the Benefit one.

I picked my shade up In fair as the medium (the only other shade they do) was too dark for my skin tone. Sadly if your any darker than a medium you won't be wearing this concealer, something that I have mentioned before about drugstore brands is that their shades don't seem to cover the lighter scale of people and the darker scale, just the in-betweeners. Im lucky that because of my foundation I can buff this concealer in to make sure that its not too dark.

Phwoarr Paint Fair & Medium £5.49

A really handy thing about this concealer is the mirror, You can take it in your handbag and do touch ups throughout the day if need be, and use the already available mirror.

I have used this concealer a couple of times now on a day to day basis and find that throughout the day I don't really need to powder over the top of the concealer i just simply apply it with my fingers, smooth it in and then buff out with the real techniques contour brush if there are any harsh lines.
I did however, use this concealer to take my makeup look from day to night and found that powdering the concealer with my Rimmel Stay Matte powder made sure that this concealer lasted all throughout the night.

This concealer claims to get rid of, well hide and cover up under eye circles and I can agree with Seventeen on this statement. Their target audience are young teenagers to young adults, people like me, who don't seem to have many wrinkles or sever under eye circles and therefore works well. I let my mum test this product (she's in her 40's) and it worked well on her apart from dragging and clinging (leaving lines) in a few of her wrinkles underneath her eyes, although It did cover up any dark circles she had.

All in all i think this is on the same level with my boi-ing concealer and I really think it is worth the money, it does what it says and if i run out soon then i will be repurchasing. Thanks Seventeen!!!

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