Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Yankee Candle, Cheaper Candles... Old Williamsburgh Candles

Hey guys and dolls!

So I absolutely love Yankee candles, especially the large jars. Lighting one up dramatically changes my mood, makes me feel comfy and cosey, and smells divine. The only downside is I light them that much, throughout the year in every room of the house it ends up costing me a fortune.

I spotted in Home Bargains, if your not from the UK then this is light a discount shop, a bit like a container store. Anyway I spotted some large jar candles that look very similar to those all so famous Yankee Candles, for a fraction of the price £2.99 instead of £19.99 which a Large Yankee Candle Jar retails for.

Ok, so the quality might not be as good, theres no Yankee Label but the smell is divine. I picked up the 'Berry Blast Scented Candle', The brand is Old Williamsburgh Candles and I can honestly say it was a complete bargain, My room constantly smells of the lingering Berry smell.

I would 100% recommend popping into your nearest Home Bargains to see if they have any of these in, there were other scents too which I think I will be trying out.

Obviously, Its still nice to have a luxurious candle to burn when your feeling down and want some comfort, so don't worry my Yankees still have their place. Just their not burnt as an every day candle anymore, lasting longer :)

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