Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween: Surprise Guest Zombie Sister

Hi guys! Happy ol Hallo' Eve to you all. We have a surprise guest on my blog today and this is taking the form of my sister and her Zombie Halloween Tutorial for you all! We both are celebrating Halloween on Saturday 2nd November and so have been practicing our makeup for our outfits. Mine was up earlier this week you can check my vampire tutorial out Here and now its time for a zombie tutorial...

So to start off with you can either chose foundation or white face paint. I chose to use a light foundation and applied a thin layer all over the face using my hands. I then went on to lightly powder the skin to make sure the foundation was matte we don't get shiny zombies now do we. After this we then took a black eye shadow we used the black shade out of the Sleek Oh So Special! Palette swirled my real techniques contour brush in it and then tapped off the excess shade on the back of my hand.

We then applied this to the cheeks as you would if you were contouring, Chaz sucked in her cheeks and we drew a line with the brush and then blended with the other side. We repeated this on both cheeks until the hollowness was as dark as we desired. You can chose to go darker or lighter depending on what you desire.

After the cheeks we then went on to apply the same colour to the temples on both sides of the head and blended into the centre of the forehead. Taking the same brush we applied a dark purple shade (from an un-named palette) and placed this underneath the contoured cheek bones, blending up into the black (on both sides). This is pretty much the cheeks done, we then went on and applied the excess off the brush onto the jaw line and blended up towards the face to create shadow.

Onto the brows and the eyes... For brows we kept it simple and used the dark brown colour out of the Sleek palette I mentioned earlier, on the real techniques eye brow brush and just brushed the hairs upwards.

On the eyes we applied the same black shadow on a small blending brush and applied this to the eyes patting it down, and then using my Mac 217 to blend the shade down, creating a deep hollow effect. We then ran the same purple from the cheek bones under the eye, but just a little bit darker. Doing this a couple of times to create some layers and definition. I then blended this down on the cheeks with my Real Techniques domed shadow brush to help blend the eyes and make them look sunken and bruised. We then applied some gel liner to the top of the eyes and a kohl liner to the bottom lash lines, a couple coats of mascara and the eyes were done!

The lips were so simple to do, we basically coated them in foundation and applied the purple shade we used before around the outside of the lips and blended in wards. We then took the black shade and applied this to the corner of the lips and blended in. This was basically the lips done.

All we did then was add the blood using a paint brush and the look was complete.

We would love to see some of your Halloween looks so post some photos or if you've done a post, comment the link below and we will check it out!

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