Saturday, 2 November 2013

Body Care; Soap & Glory

Hiyaaa my lovelies!

My favourite body care brand is soap and glory and I love love love it! For those of you who don't know what soap and glory it, it essentially is a skin care turned makeup brand that is available here in the UK. Its products range from sweet smelling body lotions to citrus scented shower gels.

A different scent for your daily needs.

I like all of the scents if im completely honest, but some of them are a little to sweet and over powering. I've narrowed my selection of products down to just 2. 2 products I think people should try if they have never tried soap and glory (or at least open in the shop and have a little smell).

2 products I have chosen are body lotions, 1 Is a body butter and the other is a smoothie moisturizer.

Both of these were in a set I received last Christmas, But I have been out and re-purchased these separately since. At the moment at boots up until Christmas they carry out offers such as 3 for 2 on soap and glory, or spend £10 or more on body products and get £15 worth of boots points. I most definitely chose to stock up on my soap and glory when these offers are on, as its hard not too especially when your getting something for free.

The Righteous Butter is hands down one of the best body butters I have ever tried. This softens my skin, even the roughest of areas such as my elbows. I like to use this during the winter, even though my skin tends to be very soft, during the winter my skin does go a little bit dehydrated and dry. This tub will last me around about 2-3 months which for a body butter I consider this to be quite good. The amount you get is well worth the money as well. This product retails for £10.50 but if you carry out the offers i mentioned above you'll soon find out that the cheapest ones are free. The scent of this is rather sweet, and a bonus is it contains shea butter and aloe vera, which locks in the moisture. When I apply this on my skin, after about 20 minutes my skin feels like silk, it is so smooth and another huge bonus is a little goes a very long way as the thickness of the cream isnt so thick that it doesn't spread. 

Smoothie Star Deep Moisture Body Milk is again my all time favourite body moisturizer. I use this every day after my shower to keep the moisture locked into my skin. The smell of this is absolutely divine this moisturizer also contains cocoa butter, almond, honey and yoghurt. The combination of this gives the most incredible smell. It is so hard to explain the smell, but its sweet and very 'food-like' if that makes any sense its a little bit like chocolate but a bit more sweeter. I would recommend having a smell in one of your nearest boots for a true scent. But this one just like the body butter locks in the moisture and I can still feel the silkiness and smoothness on my skin after about 3 hours of application. The scent also lingers on your body, and my friends and family compliment the smell all the time. Especially my partner he thinks it smells divine compared to other moisturizers I have tried in the past.

Let me know what your favourite soap and glory products are, of If you have tried any and your not a fan. I love to hear your opinions so contact me and let me know.


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