Thursday, 3 October 2013

Illamasqua and Mac

Hey guys, I know your probably thinking I don't need anymore makeup after reading a few of the posts lately but no girl can ever have too much makeup especially whilst im blogging to you guys.

So I was in selfridges the other day and was lurking over at the Illamasqua counter, just admiring the products whilst my mum picked up some stuff from another stall, when an assistant asked me if I would like to try the Skin Base foundation and that she would be able to colour match me. I thought why not, just to see what it feels like as I love the Illamasqua Hydra Veil, to my delight the colour was perfect for my a perfect match for my skin (shade 4.5 if your wondering) and I loved the feel of it. I thought I would walk around for a little bit and see how the foundation reacted to my skin, after half an hour the foundation looked just as flawless as when she applied it, and I bit the bullet and purchased my first Illamasqua foundation. Very proud day for me, but not a good day for my bank balance as this little beauty is around the £27 mark. Quite expensive for the little tube of product I received however small the tube looks it is actually 30ml which is the standard size for most foundations, not too bad looking at it that way.

Shade 4.5 RRP£27

I've only tried it a couple of times since I bought it but the coverage is fantastic, really build-able to create a high coverage foundation, something which I really like. Another thing which might seem strange is the fact that I love the smell of the foundation, not just this one but any high end foundation such as Mac or YSL has a certain high end smell something which I love! Weird!!!! I know I am.

Anyway, after the pondering session at Illamasqua, I couldn't help but visit the old faithful Mac. I have been wearing one of their eye shadows every day for the past year and recently ran out. Because silly old me had depotted the shade and not wrote down what name it was I was struggling for ages to find the right one, until one of the assistants came over took a look at the little scrapping of eye shadow left in the pan and told me exactly which one it was thank the lord!! It was Sweet Lust, a light pink champagney sparkle shade. So ofcourse I had to repurchase it, This time in its own pot so I wouldn't loose it and forget which shade it was.

Sweet Lust (Lustre Finish) RRP £12.50

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