Sunday, 6 October 2013

Night Time Skin Care Routine

Hello again beautiful readers, I have been asked to do my night time skin care regime and thought that I would get it out of the way before I move back to university...before the hectic lifestyle of being a full time student takes over.

Anyway there are generally 4 steps to my routine which are the same every night, and have been for about 2/3 months.

I never used to care about my skin at the end of the day, sometimes I would sleep in my make-up (naughty I know that now) and other times I would simply remove it with a make-up wipe and that was that... nothing else just sleep.

Now to say that I did this up until 3 months ago, I don't have bad skin. In fact my skin is rather good to me, the only thing that fails me is when I get that one spot every time of the month.. so annoying hormones!
Anyway I am seriously rambling but here are my steps of my regime...

Step 1 - Remove any of my eye makeup with my Garnier Simply Essentials Cleansing Lotion on a cotton pad. This product is designed for tough mascara, and is so light on my eyes, I have no need to rub hard just simply swipe over my eyes and hey presto the pads no longer white but black! I then apply this to another cotton pad and start wiping away at my face makeup such as my foundation and my eyebrows.

Step 2 - I remove any remaining make-up from my face (not my eyes) with the Simple Revitalising Wipes which are designed to improve the condition of your skin with added vitamins. I like these wipes because they are 100% oil and alcohol free, which means that on my skin they don't leave a lingering dewy residue... something I despise of after taking away all of my makeup.

Step 3 - I then move on to use my cleanser, which at the moment is the Lush 9 to 5 cleanser, I previously did a post on this which is available here. I apply this cleanser with my fingers all over my face, massage it into my skin and then remove away any excess with another cotton pad. After the cleanser I use my toner, which as mentioned in the Lush Skin Post is the Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water. I spritz this onto a cotton pad and brush over my face just to make sure all of the cleanser has been removed out of my pours.

Step 4 - Leaving my skin for about 10-15 minutes for the natural oils to sink back into my skin, I then apply a night time moisturiser at the moment I have been using the L'Oreal Dermo Experitse Youth Code Night Cream. I tend to switch my night creams up throughout the year depending on the season and how dry my skin tends to be. But this is usually the final step in my night time regime

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