Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Mac Woodwinked

Hey guys heres another individual post of a product that was mentioned in my last Shopping haul post.
If you guys didn't check it out then you can have a look here and see all the products I bought when I was shopping.

This eye-shadow was bought mainly because I had seen it on youtubers and other bloggers and my friend Amy from Makeup Escape had it and I fell in love with the colour both in the pan and on the eyes.

Mac Woodwinked eye shadow RRP: £12.50
If you have never seen Woodwinked before then it is basically a warm brown shade with gorgeous flexs of shimmer running through kind of a golden tone. I have wore it a couple of times in many different ways. I have wore it all over the lid lightly blended, I have wore it all over the lid heavily applied and deepened the colour, I have used it as a smoke in the outter corners, I have used it under the eye to make them stand out a bit more and in many other ways. This shade really is a controversial shade, I am so glad I watched Tanya Burr and decided to pick it up. She uses it in numerous tutorials and claims its one of her fave shades!

The formula of this eye shadow is very creamy and silky and it applies like a charm, most certainly a winner in my eyes from mac. It is super easy to apply on both a flat shadow brush and a blending brush. A Mac 217 works great for working this shade and many others into the outter corners of your eyes.

This shade definitely didn't disappoint and I can see this will be making a staple in my Autum/Winter 2014 makeup collection quad. Thanks Mac!!


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