Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Yankee Candle: Christmas Cookie

Hi guys, I know I haven't been posting so much lately but I have been super busy preparing myself for Christmas, and sorting out university work. However, I do have a post on my favourite festive candle...

My other half surprised me the other day with a new Yankee Candle, I've been poorly all week and he thought It would be a nice surprise, and it most certainly was.
I love the scent of this candle, although at the moment due to my illness I can not smell it and therefore I haven't burnt it yet to waste the smell.

But I can tell you if your like sweet smelling candles such as vanilla cupcake, or butter cream then you will love this candle! It smells so festive and sweet and oh so christmassy, I love the scent and can not wait to burn it.

The candle's come in different sizes and forms, I got a medium Jar candle which you can see here...

Christmas Cookie Medium Jar £16.99 

They come in tarts, tumblers, big jars, small jars, car air fresheners... etc. So check them out, I know Clintons cards in the UK sell them and you can also get them online direct from Yankee Candle, or on other sites for a little bit cheaper. As the pricing of these candles is a tad bit extravagant. For this medium sized candle the prices was £16.99

Anyway, I just thought I would share and recommend my festive candle.
I will be back posting regularly in the new year, (2-3 times a week) but there will still be a post a week leading up to the new year.

Thanks for reading, Speak to you all soon

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  1. Yum! I've heard such great things about Yankee candles. I'll have to find a place that sells them nearby :)